Tadasana | Mountain Pose, Yoga for height and Improves Breathing

Tadasana yoga is also known as Mountain Pose. This is a modern yoga pose in which you "stand tall with your spine aligned and your abs and quads engaged." Tadasana from the SANSKRIT words that means "Tada" is the mountain and "Asana" means Pose. It is also called Tree Pose.

Mountain Pose helps you find inner the strength and stability of a mountain inside yourself and helps you to embody those qualities. Tadasana is very simple but sometimes for Yoga masters may be the hardest. You can need some practice and then you can do easily it.

Benefits of Tadasana Yoga:

There are the most health benefits of Tadasana Yoga are,

1. Promotes good posture:
The Tadasana is the best for those who have problems of soothe neck and back pain. It is very beneficial for easing tense muscles such as spinal pain and another type of back pain. Yoga may not just relax your muscles but also it may also strengthen in life long.

2. Improve flexibility:
Tadasana may also help to improve flexibility in the body. It does not perform in the way you are standing. If performed correctly as per instruction given by the master, it may really help your back get a little bendier. Continued Tadasana yoga practice may increase spinal mobility and hamstring flexibility in the body.

3. Boosts Energy:
Mountain pose may also increase a positive effect on your energy level. Standing yoga poses is lead to improved self-esteem. If you spend too long time in this position you boost your confidence level day to day.

4. Strong your legs and abs:
Tadasana is the best yoga for the body. If you perform Tadasana correctly you feel burn in your core and quads. Yogasana is boost your energy and strengthens your legs and abs. It performs correctly as per instruction given by the master. It can help reduce your body fat and boost your energy in full day.

5. Control Digestive System:
Tadasana pose may help you control your digestive tract and back on a regular track. The Mountain pose is the best pose to play an important role in the digestive system.

6. Improves Breathing:
Tadasana pose is very beneficial for the lungs and it allows to take deep breaths. It also helps to cleanse the lungs.

7. Weight Loss:
The most relevant problem in recent times is overweight. Tadasana is the best pose who have been trying to reduce weight. This Pose will improve your metabolism, and burn calories very quickly.

8. Relief from Sciatica:
If you are suffering from sciatica diseases, Tadasana is the best asana and you feel better. It also helps to prevent sciatica in the future. If you perform correctly as per instruction given by the Yoga master it will definitely help you.

9. Help during Pregnancy:
Tadasana is improve your balance. Tadasana is excellent work for spinal alignment, especially for the growing baby. It will help post-pregnancy when your body is flexible for your carrying newborn. Please note that pregnant women should be very careful at the time of performing the yoga, it should be distance feet a bit more than normal.

Step by step tadasana yoga

1. Stand straight with the feet together, the heels and big toes touching each other. Relax the heads on the floor and extend all the toes flat on the floor.

2. Stiff the knees and pull the knee-caps up, contract the hips and pull up the muscles at the back of the thighs.

3 Keep the stomach in, chest ahead, spine extended up and the neck straight.

4. Do not pressure the weight of the body either on the heels or the toes,but distribute it evenly on both heels.

5. Ideally in Tadasana the arms are stretched out over the head, but for the sake of convenience, one can place them by the side of the thighs

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