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Ardha Chandrasana | Yoga For Gastric Troubles

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Ardha Chandrasana

What Is Ardha Chandrasana ?

also known as Half Moon Pose Ardha means half. Chandra is the moon. The pose resembles the half moon, hence the name. Ardha Chandrasana details are provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Ardha Chandrasana Yoga

1. Stand in Tadasana (Step 1) and then do Utthita Trikonasana,(Step 2), following the technique described earlier.

2. After completing Trikonasana on the right side, breath out and put the right palm about a feet away from the right foot by curving the right knee joint and at the same time bringing the left foot near the right one.(Step3).

3. Wait in this position and take two breaths. Then breath out and lift the left leg from the floor, toes face up. Extend the right hand and the right leg.

4. Put the left palm over the left hip and extend up, holding the shoulders well up. Turn the chest to the left and stabilize. (Step 4)

5 . The weight of the body is on the right foot and hip. The right hand is only a support to stabilize body.

6. Keep the pose from 20 to 30 seconds, breathing steadily and evenly. Then slide the left leg to the floor and go back to Trikonasana.(Step 2)

7. Repeat the posture on the left side.

Benefit Of Ardha Chandrasana Yoga

Ardha Chandrasana is beneficial for those whose legs are damaged or infected. It tones the lower part of the spine and the nerves connected with the leg muscles and it tightness the knee joints. Along with other standing postures, this asana cures gastric troubles. Ardha Chandrasana Improves coordination and sense of sability. Ardha Chandrasana is Yoga For Gastric Troubles

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