Marichyasana 1 | Yoga For Brain, Reduce Sciatica Pain, Relieve Fatigue

Marichyasana -1 is a SANSKRIT word that means Marichi means ''Ray of light'' and Asana means ''Pose''. This pose is dedicated to sage Marichi. The pose is named for Marichi who is the son of the Hindu god of creation, Brahma. This pose helps to stretch your back, shoulders, and legs while extending your spine and giving your organs a cleansing squeeze. Marichyasana calms the mind and reduces stress.


Proper sit in Dandasana. put on your palms on the ground and take a breath slowly. Breathe in and fold your right side knee towards your chest. The leg of your right leg should be flat on the ground, touching your right side hip. Bend your left side leg slightly inward, rest your left side heel firmly on the ground and push the big toe of your left foot away from your body. Rest your left heel firmly on the ground and push the big toe of your left side leg away from your body. Breathe out and turn your upper body a bit to the left side.


Bend your upper body forward so that your right shoulder presses onward to your right knee. Bend your right side hand and wrap it over your right side leg and spine. slowly bend your left hand so that it touches the right side. Try to stay your hands together on your back side. Maintain the asana for about 30 to 60 seconds. Breathe out slowly. come back in dandasana and relax repeat the same steps with the left side leg.


Benefits of Marichyasana - 1 yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Marichyasana - 1 are,

1. Marichyasana - 1 stimulates the abdominal organs such as the liver and kidney.

2. This asana helps to calm and relaxes your mind and body.

3. Regular practices of Marichyasana - 1 relieve fatigue.

4. Marichyasana - 1 helps to stretch your spine and shoulders. your body makes in good posture.

5. This asana helps to reduce sciatica pain.


Step by step Marichyasana 1 yoga:


1. Sit on the floor with the legs extend straight in front. (Step 1)


2. Curve the left knee and place the sole and heel of the left foot flat on the floor. The shin of the left leg should be rising straight up to the floor and the calf should touch the thigh. Put the left heel near the perineum. The inside of the left foot should touch the inside of the outstretched right thigh.


3. Extend the left shoulder forward till the left armpit touches the perpendicular left shin. Turn the left arm round the left shin and thigh, bend the left elbow and throw the left forearm behind the back at the level of the waist. Then move the right hand behind the back and clasp the left hand with the right at the wrist or vice versa. If that is not possible then clasp the palms or the fingers. (Step 2)


4. Now, turn the spine to the left, keeping the outstretched right leg straight. Stay in this posture gazing at the extensive right big toe and take a few deep breaths.


5. Breath out, and curve forward. Put the forehead, then the nose, next the lips and lastly the chin on the right knee. (Step 3) While in this position, keep both shoulders parallel to the floor and breathe normally. Hold the posture for about 30 seconds and see that the back of the entire extended leg rests on the floor throughout.


6. Breath in, raise the head from the right knee (Step 4), loosen up the hands, straighten the left leg and come to position 1. (Step 1)


7. Repeat the pose on the other side for an equal amount of time.

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