Marichyasana 2 | Yoga For Abdomen and Regulate the Menstruation Cycle

Marichyasana -2 is a SANSKRIT word that means Marichi means ''Ray of light'' and Asana means ''Pose''. This pose is dedicated to sage Marichi. The pose is named for Marichi who is the son of the Hindu god of creation, Brahma. This pose helps to stretch your back, shoulders, and legs while extending your spine and giving your organs a cleansing squeeze. Marichyasana calms the mind and reduces stress.


Proper sit in Dandasana. Your legs are straight in front of the face. Bend your left side knee, your left calf muscle below your left thigh, and your left leg closer to your hips. then bend your right knee, get your leg closer to your hips, left side chin bone making 90 degrees to the mat, and your right knee exactly above your right ankle. cross your hand in front of your shin bone and get it behind. take your left side hand from behind to your body and hold your left side wrist with your right side hand tightly. Slowly bend forward and get your forehead to your left knee. Hold in this pose for 7 to 10 breaths. Now lift your head up, release your hands, relax few minutes and start again to practice with another side.


Benefits of Marichyasana - 2 yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Marichyasana - 2 are,

1. Marichyasana - 2 helps in calming the mind.

2. This pose helps to stretch the spine and shoulders.

3. Marichyasana - 2 helps in improving digestion problems. and reduce constipation problems.

4. Continue practices of this asana to help relieve back pain.

5. Regular practice of Marichyasana - 2 is very useful in calming the mind.

6. Marichyasana - 2 helps to cure the mind backache.

7. This asana helps to energize the entire body.

8. At the time of performing automatically massages the liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, pancreas small intestines, and gallbladder organs.

9. Regularly using this asana reduces mental stress and physical strain and rejuvenates the body.

10. This asana helps to regulate the menstruation cycle.


Step by step Marichyasana 2 yoga:


1. Sit on the floor, with the legs extended straight in front. (Step 1)


2. Curve the left leg at the knee and place the left foot at the root of the right thigh. The left heel should press the navel and the toes be extended and pointing. The left leg is now in half Padmasana.


3. Curve the right leg at the knee. Put the sole and heel of the right foot flat on the floor. Keep the shin of the right leg perpendicular, so that the right thigh and the right calf touch each other and the right heel touches the perineum.


4. Curve slightly forward, extend the right shoulder forward until the right armpit touches the perpendicular right shin. With a breath out, curl the right arm round the right shin and thigh, curve the right elbow and turn the right forearm behind the back at the level of the waist. Then move the left hand behind the back and grip the right hand with the left at the wrist. (Step 2)


5. Stretch the spine up and hold this posture for a few seconds, breathing deeply.


6. Breath out, move the trunk and head forward and rest the head on the bent left knee. Then stretch the neck and rest the chin on the left knee. (Step 3 and 4.) Repeat this movement three or four times, inhaling while coming up and exhaling while going down.


7. Breath in, move the head and trunk up, release the hands, straighten the legs, and then repeat the pose on the other side for the same length of time

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