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Ackee - Vitamins, Benefits, Side Effects

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What Is Ackee?

Ackee the tomato is used like a vegetable, it's actually a fruit. It is found in Central America, southern Florida, the Caribbean, and West Africa. The US has just recently begun to allow the import of this fruit.  Ackee has so many names likes as an achee, akee, and ackee apple.

When we cook ackees and its test are firm and oily to the touch when raw and soften when cooked. Its described as being like scrambled eggs and the taste is nothing like eggs and neither is the texture. Ackee is also work for medicinal purposes.

In the word ackee is first tree was brought in West Africa in Jamaica in 18th century.


In Jamaica mostly use Ackee behalf of the butter and cheese, because its color like as a yellow and its structure is so soft and creamy. We are perfectly making breads and cakes using the ackee butter, also make custards and ice creams because of the Ackees silky and smooth result. Ackee is used as a medicinal treatment for colds, fever, water retention (edema), and epilepsy.

Side Effects:

Ackee is good for the health and eaten as food when it's ripe proper.

Unripe Ackee is not good for the health or not good for eat.

We recommended to eat this food then it's proper ripe. Unripe ackee is being as poisonous. The unripe fruit contains poisonous chemicals that can harm the liver, and its cause severely low blood sugar levels, convulsions, and death.

Types of Ackee

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