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Bilberries are fruit closely related to blueberries, native to Europe. Also known as whortleberry, huckleberry, or European blueberries, bilberries are also available in jam, juices, pies, powder, or supplement form. Bilberries are low in calories, yet a good source of water, fiber, manganese & vitamin C&K.


Bilberry's a plant also known as Airelle, Arándano, Black Whortles, Bleaberry, Blueberry, Brimbelle, Gueule Noire, Huckleberry, Hurtleberry, Mauret, Myrtille, Raisin des Bois, Wineberry, Burren Myrtle, Dyeberry, Trackleberry, Vaccinium myrtillus, Whortleberry.


Bilberry has been used for special medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. The berries and leaves are also the parts of the plant and it is also used. Bilberry has been used for a variety of conditions, including diarrhea, inflammation of the mouth, urinary problems, and diabetes.


Fresh bilberry 100 g following contains are there : vitamin C (3 mg) quercetin (3 mg) catechin (20 mg) 100g of bilberries contain are likely to have around 37% calories and approximately 90% water.


Benefits of Bilberry fruit:


1. Rich in Nutrients:

Bilberry contains around 85% water, a good amount of manganese & vitamins C & K.


2. Pack beneficial plant compounds:

Bilberry is good in antioxidants, which are beneficial to help protect the body against & disease. The blueberries & bilberry properties are the same.


3. Improve eye vision:

Bilberry is the most popular for them to improve vision, especially for night vision. Most people use it for clear eye vision.


4. Reduce inflammation:

Bilberry reduces fight inflammation, which is believed to be the root cause of many diseases & health problems.


5. Control blood sugar:

Bilberries are used to lower blood sugar levels in levels in people with type-2 diabetes. Bilberry prevents the breakdown & absorption of carbs in the guts and some blood sugar lowering medications.


6. To improve heart health:

Bilberries are rich in vitamin K, which helps to protect against the formation of blood clots, lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack & stroke.


7. To improve Brain function:

Bilberries may improve long-term & working memory.


8. Protects against bacteria:

Bilberries are antimicrobial effects against potentially harmful bacteria. Such as salmonella & staphylococcus aureus.


9. Improve symptoms of ulcerative colitis:

Bilberries are a daily used supplement to reduce chronic inflammation of the colon & rectum in people with UC.


Side Effects of Bilberries:


Bilberry has no serious side effects, but when consumed in amounts typically found in food, sometimes allergic reactions can occur. Bilberry naturally contains substances known as tannic (Found in many foods such as coffee, tea, wine, blue barriers, cranberries, chocolate & some nuts & beans).


CONDITIONS OF USE AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This supplement is not used without consulting the doctor or qualified healthcare, it may adverse effects on your body. You should always consult with your doctor or health care before you start. in short, Without a written description by a doctor not use high contain bilberry in the diet.


Summary: Bilberries are a versatile fruit and people can also use them in many ways as blueberries. People should discuss taking bilberry supplements before discussing it with their doctor.

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