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Gomukhasana | Cow Face Pose | Yoga For Diabetes

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What Is Gomukhasana ?

also knowns as Cow Face Pose. Go means a cow. Mukha means face. Gomukha means one whose face similar to  a cow. It also means  a musical instrument which is narrow at one end and broad at the other. Gomukhasana provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Gomukhasana Yoga

1. Stay on the floor with the legs extended vertically in front. (Step 1)

2. Place the palms on the floor and lift the seat.

3. Bend the left knee back and sit on the left foot. pull up the hands from the floor, lift the right leg and put the right thigh over the left one. lift the buttocks and with the help of the hands bring the ankles and the back of the heels together till they touch each other.

4. Relax the ankles keeping the toes facing back.

5. Raise the left arm over the head, bend it at the elbow and place the left palm below the nape of the neck between the shoulders. Lower the right arm, bend it at the elbow and raise the right forearm up behind the back until the right hand is level with and between the shoulder-blades. Clasp the hands behind the back between the shoulders. (Front view : Step 2. Back view: Step 3)

6. Keep this posture from 30 to 60 seconds breathing normally. Keep the neck and head straight and look vertical ahead.

7. Unclasp the hands, straighten the legs and repeat the pose on the other side for the same length of time by inserting 'left' for 'right' and vice versa. Then unclasp the hands at the back, straighten the legs and relax.

Benefit Of Gomukhasana Yoga

Gomukhasana cures cramp in the legs and makes the leg muscles elastic. The chest is well expanded and the back becomes erect. The shoulder joints move freely and the latissimus dorsi are fully extended. Practicing the Gomukhasana also aids in the treatment of sciatica. Gomukhasana enhances the working of the kidneys, thereby helping those suffering from diabetes. Gomukhasana also works the chest muscles and helps in treating sexual ailments. Gomukhasana is Yoga For Diabetes

Images for Gomukhasana steps

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