Bread Fruit | Increase Immunity, Increase Bone health system

Breadfruit is a tree and its fruit and seeds of breadfruit are eaten as foods. their roots, leaves, and latex are used to make medicine. it does not actually fruit it is a vegetable botanically. Breadfruit is used for asthma, back pain, arthritis, wound healing, and ear infections but there is not any scientific support for these uses.


Benefits of Breadfruit:

1. Improves Heart Health: Breadfruit is rich in potassium. it helps to smooth blood flow and control heart rate & blood pressure. high level of bad cholesterol in multiple cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, and stroke, it includes atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack. Dietary fiber helps in reducing cholesterol and omega-3 fatty acids help increase good cholesterol levels and protect heart health.

2. To prevent and controls Diabetes:
Breadfruit is the best food for diabetes. Breadfruit flour helps to control blood sugar levels in the body. Fiber passes the digestive tract slowly. so, blood glucose levels don't shoot up after a meal.


3. To improve the Digestion system:

The breadfruit has more dietary fiber and helps in improving bowel movements. Breadfruit also improves gut health by fostering good bacteria in the body. breadfruit prevents infections and inflammation by improving immunity.


4. Improve brain function:
Breadfruit has a rich source of Vitamin C, Iron, and many other nutrients. Iron is required for the proper functioning of blood cells. they play important role in transporting oxygen to all organs. Low iron levels produce anemia in our bodies. due to the lack of iron, the oxygen supply reduces in the brain. Omega-3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C fatty acids are antioxidant nutrients. Antioxidants reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Antioxidants protect the brain cell and tissues.


5. Prevents Cancer Diseases:
Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids prevent cancer. generally, cancer occurs due to the uncontrollable growth of cells, Long-term free radical damage to the cells. antioxidants to help reduce the free radicals in our body. antioxidants help to prevent the growth and development of cancer. The research said that antioxidants may destroy cancer cells.


6. Weight Loss:
Breadfruit is useful in a weight loss diet plan. Breadfruit is full of dietary fiber. The urge to snack on unhealthy foods reduces automatically. Dietary fiber helps to prevent unhealthy weight gain. breadfruits are a source of protein and amino acids. So, consuming breadfruit can help in losing weight.


7. Healthy Skin:
Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis that improves skin elasticity and regenerates new skin cells. Vitamin C protects skin from sun damage. It also reduces the harmful UVA and UVB rays wrinkles, skin laxity, a sign of aging, etc. and diet is a sure-shot way to stay well-turned-out forever.


8. To maintain Blood Pressure:
The potassium in Breadfruits has rich antihypertensive properties. AnItantihypertensive properties help reduce the stress on blood vessels by widening the arteries. therefore this makes the blood flow easier. and it regulates blood pressure and prevents hypertension.


9. Increase Bone health system:
Breadfruit has a very high mineral content. it also includes manganese, phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium. Phosphorus and calcium both are equally essential for healthy bones and improving bone density and preventing fractures. ultimately, reducing the risk of diseases like osteoporosis. Vitamin K also reduces the risk of bone disorders.


10. To increase Immunity:
Antioxidants are a very important factor for the immune system. Fiber also has an important content in immunity. Fiber plays a good role in food for the good bacteria in the guts. and it helps destroy harmful bacteria. Breadfruits reduce inflammation in the body, as a result, to improve the immune responses to such pathogens and destroy them.


Side Effects of Breadfruit:

1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding women avoid this fruit, it is not safe to women & babies.

2. Breadfruit might increase the risk of bleeding. don't use breadfruits if you have a bleeding disorder.

3. Breadfruit might cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to banans or benjamin.

4. Hypotension, If you have already lower blood pressure patients kindly don't use breadfruit.

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