Dragon fruit | Fight the Postmenopausal Period in Women

Dragon fruit grows on the Hylocereus cactus. It is also known as the Honolulu queen. Dragon flowers are only open at night time. The plant is native to southern Mexico and Central America, Presently it is grown all over the world. It is also called pitahaya, strawberry pear, and pitaya. It is available in a white pulp with black seeds, and also available in red pulp and black seeds. Another variety also available as yellow dragon fruit has yellow skin and white pulp with black seeds.

Dragon fruit looks exotic but its flavors are the same as other fruits like kiwi and pear. The dragon fruit contains multiple antioxidants which are helpful for good health. Dragon fruit contains high vitamins, iron, beta-carotene, dietary fiber, and minerals that are important for a healthy body.


Nutritional value:
Calories-60, Protein-1.18 g,Fat-0 g,Carbohydrate-12.94 g,Dietary fiber-2.9 g, Sugars-7.65 g, Calcium-18 milligrams (mg),Iron-0.74 g,Sodium-0 mg, Vitamin C-2.5 mg,Cholesterol-0 mg


Benefits of Dragon fruit:

The most important health benefits of Dragon fruit such as Low Cholesterol, High Fiber, Powerful Antioxidants, Heart Healthy, Skin Care, good for the eyes and healthy during pregnancy time, and also help the postmenopausal period in women.


1. Low Cholesterol:
Dragon fruit is low in cholesterol. Daily consumption of dragon fruit helps to maintain a healthy heart for a long time. It is reduced in weight loss. and to maintain cholesterol.


2. High in fiber:
Dragon fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, it is not only good for the heart but also helps in maintaining blood pressure and weight. Fiber-rich foods can lower the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD).


3. Powerful antioxidant:
Antioxidants help in fighting free radicals which could damage body cells and lead to cancer. A diet rich in antioxidants is keep maintaining heart health and skin young.


4. Heart Healthy:
Dragon fruits are full of fiber and antioxidants, they maintain the heart healthy and young and also control the blood circulation in the body.


5. Skin Care:
Dragon fruit is used in natural remedies for beauty because of its high antioxidant content as well as vitamins.


6. Good for Eyes:
Dragon fruit has rich beta-carotene, it prevents eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. good for eyes in a long life.


7. Healthy during pregnancy:
Dragon fruit contains iron, folate, and vitamin B which may be ideal for pregnant women. Vitamin B and folate prevent birth defects and boost energy at the time of pregnancy. and Its compound of magnesium helps fight the postmenopausal period in women.


Side Effects of Dragon fruit:

1. Stomach issues, excessive dietary fiber consumption it's unhealthy for the body system, and issues in the stomach.

2. Pee with a reddish color, if you intake more red or pink dragon fruit sometime it creates the problem.

3. Antioxidants in excess are harmful

4. Allergic reactions, some people also get sometimes allergic to dragon fruit, they have to immediately consult the doctor.

5. Hypotension


in short, it's consumed within limits, if we Intake any food-related item in excess is bad for the health & body.

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