Durian Fruit | Reduce the risk of cancer and Regulates Blood Sugar

Durian Fruit is called the "king of fruits". it is a tropical fruit. It has a slightly ill reputation for its bad smell. some countries have prohibited it due to its pungent smell. Taste-wise it is creamy and sweet. Durian fruits look like jackfruit. Durian fruit is full of minerals, vitamins, dietary, and fibres. It is native to Southeast Asia and countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.


It helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases, and cancer, improves hair and skin, improves eyesight boosts the immunity system, to maintains blood sugar levels. It is also used variety of food like ice cream, pancake


Nutritional Value and Facts:
Energy or Calories -147 kcals, Carbohydrates-27.1 g, Fats: 5.33 g, Dietary fibre: 3.8 g, Proteins: 1.47 g


Vitamins and Minerals:
Potassium: 436 mg, Phosphorous: 39 mg, Magnesium: 30 mg, Vitamin C: 19.7 mg, Calcium: 6 mg, Vitamin A-2 mcg, Copper: 0.2 mg, Iron: 0.43 mg


The most important health benefits of Durian fruit such as the High level of antioxidants contains which help to reduce the risk of cancer, reduce the risk of Heart Diseases, control blood sugar, improve the digestion system, improve mood level, Maintain the immunity system in the body, Improving healthy skin and hair.


Benefits of Durian Fruit:


1. Reduce the risk of cancer:
Durian fruit has a high level of antioxidants contains. a high amount of antioxidants like polyphenols. These antioxidants help to illuminate free radicals in our bodies. and it may help to reduce the risk of cancer cells in the body. The high amount of Phenolics and Flavonoids compounds is anticancer contained which helps to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells in our body.


2. To reduce the risk of Heart Diseases:
The main reason for heart diseases is unhealthy lifestyle, food and poor diet, and tension in life. These unhealthy fats, cholesterol, and high sugar invite heart problems like heart attack, storks, and blockage of the heart wall. and Consequently, it leads to hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Durian helps to control cholesterol levels in the blood and lower fats in the body and it reduces the risk of heart diseases.


3. Regulates Blood Sugar:
Durian fruit has a low glycaemic index. so, it helps to control the glucose level and it is directly beneficial for diabetes patients to regulate their blood sugar levels. The fibre helps decrease carbohydrate digestion. The consumption of durian fruit can help improve glucose metabolism in the body.


4. Improves Digestion:
Durian fruit has a high quantity of dietary fibres soluble and insoluble. these both help better digestion and improve gut health. Durian fruit improves and maintains the digestion system in our body.


5. Boosts Mood:
Durian fruit has contain a high level of neurotransmitters that improve our mood. Durian contains the amino acid tryptophan, Tryptophan can also help to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin helps to create calmness, relaxation, and happiness in our moods.


6. Boosts our Immunity:
Daily intake of vitamin C, is a great way to boost the immunity system in our body. The white blood cell is important to boost our immune cells. Vitamin C helps WBC function and strengthens the immune system in our body system. Durian has a high level of vitamin C, and a daily intake of one cup of Durian juice boosts the immunity system.


7. Good for Skin:
Durian fruits have a high level of Vitamin C. Vitamin C reduces the pigmentation in our skin. and also helps to increase collagen production. Collagen is also shown in the skin, hair, and nails. it prevents cellular damage and oxidative stress, reducing skin damage and wrinkles. Antioxidants are great for the skin and they help lighten the skin's scarring or pigmentation.


8. Improve Hair:
Minerals like iron, vitamin B complex, and Zinc help improve hair health. These all promote hair growth and thickness. Durian helps to boost collagen production and it helps to improve hair health.


Side Effects of Durian Fruit:

1. Durian eaten in excess may create problems like bloating, gas, flatulence, constipation and affect the Stomach Disturbances

2. Diabetes patients should not take durian fruit regularly. Do not take it with alcohol. consequently, it can lead to headaches and vomiting, and other allergies in the body.

3. Kidney patients or people who undergo dialysis must not eat durian.

4. If any allergic or problem immediately consult the doctor.

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