Elderberry | Reducing Wrinkles, Protect Against Colds and Flu

Elderberry is the dark purple berry from the fruit of the European elder tree. The Native Americans and Europeans. The tree has clusters of cream or small white elderflowers and bunches of black elderberries or small blue.


The berries are used to make medicine. The elderberry commonly used medicinal plant in the world. Elderberry is specially used for the common cold, "the flu" (influenza), and H1N1 "swine" flu. Elderberry is also used for HIV/AIDS and to boost the immune system. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with vitamins, antiviral properties, and antioxidants that may boost the immune system of the body. They could help lessen stress, tame inflammation, and help protect the heart-healthy.


Elderberries are also used for back and leg pain, nerve pain, sinus pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It is also used for high cholesterol, toothache, weight loss, heart disease, and headaches. it is also applied inside the mouth for gum inflammation. It is used in making wine and adding food coloring, body lotions, and jams.


Elderberries high in following contain,

Vitamin C -52.2 mg per cup
Vitamin A -870 mg
Potassium-406 mg
Calcium - 55 mg
Folate - 9 mg and
Iron -2.3 mg

Dietary Fiber- 10.2 g per cup.
Carb-26.7 grams,
Fat-0.7 grams, and
Protein-1 gram.


The most important health benefits of elderberry are fighting colds and viral flu, Treating acne, Reducing wrinkles & power in nutrients, and lowering cholesterol, managing urine output, preventing infection, maintaining a heart-healthy.


Benefits of Elderberry Fruit:


1. Protect against colds and flu:
Elderberry may help to protect against colds and viral flu Elderberries might have antioxidant and antiviral effects which can help to fight colds and viral flu.


2. Treating Acne:
Elderberry fruit contains high levels of flavonoids, it might have antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory. These help to protect the healthy cell from harmful free radicals that play a role in skin problems.

The ANA (American Nutrition Association) suggests that elderberry face wash can help fight acne and treat acne problems.


3. Reducing Wrinkles:
Elderberries have a high level of vitamin A. and it helps to reduce the age spots and prevent or to reduce wrinkles on the face. lighting in the face.


4. Other benefits:
1. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost the immune system. They could help protect the heart-healthy, tame inflammation, and lessen stress.

2. The leaves of the elderberry plants are applied as pain relief to the affected area.

3. Preventing heart disease, managing proper output system of the urine system.


Not any serious side effects but some minor effects of Elderberry:

1. Elderberry is possibly unsafe when the leaves, stems, unripened fruit, or uncooked fruit are used to eat and might some problems like nausea, vomiting, or severe diarrhea.

2. Elderberry is not recommended for children who have the age of under 18 years old.

3. Avoid pregnant or lactating women.

4. Before taking Elderberry supplementary first discussed with your doctor for diseases.

5. If you have any side effects immediately consult the doctor.

Nutrients of Elderberry, Portions of Elderberry and Elderberry Ingredients

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