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Siddhasana | Yoga For Arm Strength

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What Is Siddhasana ?

also knowns as Accomplished Pose. Siddha means a semi-divine being supposed to be of great holiness, and to controlls supernatural faculties called siddhis. Siddhasana provided to you by YogaIQ

Step By Step Siddhasana Yoga

1. Stay on the floor, with legs extended vertically in front. (Step 1)

2. curve the left leg at the knee joint. grasp the left foot with the hands, place the heel close to the perineum and rest the sole of the left foot against the right thigh.

3. Now curve the right leg at the knee and place the right foot over the left ankle, keeping the right heel against the pubic bone.

4. Place the sole of the right foot between the thigh and the calf of the left leg.

5. Do not rest the body on the heels.

6. Extend the arms in front and rest the back of the hands on the knee joints so that the palms face upwards. Join the thumbs and the forefingers and keep the other fingers extended. (Step 2)

7. Keep this posture as far as you can, holding the back, neck and head straight and the vision in drawn as if looking at the tip of the nose.

8. Release the feet and relax for some time. Then repeat the pose for the same length of time, now placing the right heel near the perineum first and then the left foot over the right ankle as described above.

Benefit Of Siddhasana Yoga

Siddhasana keeps Better flow of energy through the body, especially in the spinal region.The chakras of Mooladhara and Swadhistana are stimulated through siddhasana. Siddhasana keeps the pubic region healthy. keeps the mind attentive and alert. Siddhasana is also recommended for the practice of pranayama and for meditation. Siddhasana is good for curing stiffness in the knees and ankles. In it the blood circulates in the lumbar region and the abdomen, and this tones the lower region of the spine and the abdominal organs.Siddhasana is Yoga For Stiffness.

Images for Siddhasana steps

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