Siddhasana yoga | Muladhara (root) chakra Yoga and Reduce Stress

Siddhasana is a SANSKRIT word that means, Siddha means "accomplished" and asana means "Pose". It means accomplished pose. It is the best position for Meditation (Dhyana) and Pranayama. Correctly performing the siddhasana yoga can deeply purify all energy channels 72,000 nadis and flow positive energy in your body. Siddhasana is also an important meditative asana after Padmasana Yoga. If you get a master's in this asana, you will get siddhis means Power. Siddhasana yoga can be performed for everyone except for spine problems, and back issues/pain like sciatica.


Sit on the floor with your legs. bring your right heel in, and take it towards the groin and close to the perineum as possible. The ankle of your leg rubs slightly against the inner thigh of the left leg. your body weight will be resting on the heel. then left foot in cross it over to your right leg and top of the calf muscles of the right leg. Both ankles crossing each other. your hands on the same side plams of the legs. ensure your spine, back, and neck are straight during this yoga. bring your eyes to concentrate on the floor. now concentrate on your breathing in and breathing out and the area between your eyebrows.


Benefits of Siddhasana Yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Siddhasana yoga,

1. Siddhasana helps to open the hips and gives slight flexibility in the pelvis area. It lengthens the spine and improves the body gesture and it helps to avoid injuries for safety purposes.


2. These poses help to regulate the blood circulates in the whole body and provides oxygen to the organs and increase blood flow patterns and give energy to the body for work.


3. Accomplished poses increase the attention of the work and It is better for your actions and deeds.


4. This pose opens both chakra Muladhara (root) chakra, and Svadhisthana (spleen and sacral) Chakras. This energy is connected upwards as your body feels light and lighter and converts into Ojas energy or connects with the universal.


5. Siddhasana is one kind of breathing exercise. So, it is visible yoga. It helps the nervous system and controls sexual urges. It totally controls your mind and means gaining a sense of accomplishment. it should be continued to practice this Siddhasana yoga for controlling your mental and physical conditions.


6. Siddhasana yoga is help to open the nadis of all the body. it helps to relieve knee joint pain and is helpful for spastic body pains. The detoxifying agents are a passage towards achieving nirvana. Pure thoughts work as pure natural seeds and it spreads around to us and it spread positive energy.


7. This pose helps to reduce stress, and anxiety as well as mental or physical stress. If you spent some time on dhyana it will help to reduce depression and increase focus level and also improves memory power.


Step by step Siddhasana yoga:


1. Stay on the floor, with legs extended vertically in front. (Step 1)


2. curve the left leg at the knee joint. grasp the left foot with the hands, place the heel close to the perineum and rest the sole of the left foot against the right thigh.


3. Now curve the right leg at the knee and place the right foot over the left ankle, keeping the right heel against the pubic bone.


4. Place the sole of the right foot between the thigh and the calf of the left leg.


5. Do not rest the body on the heels.


6. Extend the arms in front and rest the back of the hands on the knee joints so that the palms face upwards. Join the thumbs and the forefingers and keep the other fingers extended. (Step 2)


7. Keep this posture as far as you can, holding the back, neck and head straight and the vision in drawn as if looking at the tip of the nose.


8. Release the feet and relax for some time. Then repeat the pose for the same length of time, now placing the right heel near the perineum first and then the left foot over the right ankle as described above.

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