Longan Fruit | Prevents Anaemia and Sharp Memory Power Fruit

Longan Fruit is small, round, sweet, and watery. it is similar to lychee fruit. It looks wise yellowish-brown thick shell, which hardens as it ages. It's young and fresh, it's peeling the pericarp off to get a translucent, white, water pulp embedding a big black seed, almost like an eye. Longan fruit to separate the seed to eat it.


The fruit, flowers, and seeds of Longan are all used to prepare remedies. Longan flowers are sold in herb markets, fruity aroma, and are also used to prepare an infusion in Taiwan. Logan dried seeds powder is used to reduce bleeding, relieve swollen lymph glands and soothe eczema.


Nutritional Value of Longan Fruit:

100 grams of longan fruit contains,
Calories-60 kcal, Protein-1.31 g, Fibre-1.10 g, Carbs-15.14 g, Fat-0.10 g
Vitamin and Minerals:
Vitamin C-84 mg (140% DV), Phosphorus-21mg (2.1% of DV)
Potassium-266 mg (7.6% of DV), Manganese-0.05 mg (2.6% of DV), Copper-0.17 mg (8.5% of DV), Iron-0.13 mg or 0.7%


Benefits of Longan Fruit:


There are the most important health benefits of Longan fruits are Sharp memory power, good for skin, improved sleep quality, boosted immunity, anti-inflammatory agent, Preventing anaemia, and energy booster.


1. Sharp Memory Power:
Longan fruit is a nootropic in nature. The fruit has cognitive function and memory. In traditional Chinese medicine, longan fruit tonic is used for anxiety-induced treatment. Longan fruit may be helpful to the brain. It helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


2. Good for skin:
Longan fruit has full of vitamin C which is help to improve ageing problems like pigmentation, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Longan fruit produces new skin cells. it keeps the skin healthy. It helps to reduce dryness in the skin and helps to retain glowing skin.


3. Improves Sleep Quality:
Longan fruit extracts lower stress or anxiety activity. Most people suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness. Longan may help to reduce anxiety and it may contribute to better sleep rate and time.


4. Boosts Immunity:
Longan fruit has antimicrobial properties which is helps to fight against the immune system. Vitamin C is an antioxidant agent, it can reduce free radicals' harmful action. Antioxidants fight against infections, viruses and other health diseases.


5. Anti-inflammatory:
Longan fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties. They contain ellagic acid, epicatechin, and gallic acid which reduce the inflammatory substances in the body. Longan pulp has high anti-inflammatory benefits. it helps to reduce inflammation.


6. Prevents Anaemia:
Inadequate red blood cells can lead to anaemia. Longan provides rich in iron. It is manage iron deficiency and reduces anaemia. Iron manages the red blood cell and regulates blood circulation.


8. Energy Booster:
Longan fruit has a good amount of fruit sugars, it is an excellent energy booster. Juicy fruit can give instant energy to the body and relax the mood.


Side effects of Longan Fruits:


There are some minor side effects of Longan fruits,

1. Allergic people should avoid intake like itching, hives and swelling after consuming longan. Allergic people intake longan fruit before consulting the doctor.

2. Diabetes patients should avoid Langon fruit.

3. Not safe during pregnancy.

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