Supta Virasana yoga | Yoga For Legs Pain and Menstrual Pain

Supta virasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Supta means "lying down" Vira means "an eminent man or hero" and Asana means pose. Means the reclined hero pose. This is the supine variant of the hero pose which further stretches the hip flexors, things, and ankles. Supta virasana yoga is the best to rectify several bodily ailments ranging from respiratory issues to arthritis in the body. This pose helps to bring inner strength, courage, and self-confidence.


Start in a high wide kneeling position. Separate your leg, a bolster blanket Between them. place a block, a bolster, or a folded blanket between your leg and ankles. If your hips are away from the floor. if your knees are under pressure. Your leg should be just outside your hips, the tops of your leg pressing into the floor, and your toes pointing backward. It ensures your knees don't splay out wider than your hips. Recline backward by first walking back on your hands, then your elbows, and then if it feels comfortable, onto your back. If you feel discomfort in your knees or lower back, or if your knees lift off the floor, relax this pose and come more upright. Proper sit on a block or a blanket folded to as per the size of a block and support your middle of the body and upper back, neck, and head with a bolster or blankets.


Benefits of Supta Virasana Yoga:

There are the most important health benefits of Supta virasana yoga are,


1. Supta virasana yoga helps to improve the digestion system. This pose increases the effectiveness of the digestive system and regulates the digestive system.

2. Continues to perform this asana is strengthens arches.

3. This pose helps to stretch your quadriceps.

4. Supta virasana helps in the treatment of sciatica problems. and relieve the pain of sciatica.

5. It helps to reduce sleeping disorders. Continued practices of Supta virasana yoga help to improve sleep quality and live a free stressful life.

6. This pose is helpful for controlling and maintaining high blood pressure.

7. it may also be used to cure different medical conditions like acidity, arthritis, asthma, Headache, high blood pressure, infertility, Insomnia various veins, and other diseases.

8. Supta virasana yoga is help to relax tendons, ligaments, and many smaller muscles in the knee


Step by step Supta Virasana yoga:


1. Sit in Virasana. (Step 1)


2. breath out, recline the torso back and place the elbows one by one on the floor. (Step 2)


3. Relieve the pressure on the elbows one after the other by extending the arms.


4. At first relax the crown of the head on the floor. (Step 3) eventually rest the back of the head and then the back on the floor7 (Step 4) Take the arms over the head and stretch them out straight. (Step 5) Hold this pose as long as you can while breathing deeply. Then place the arms beside the trunk, press the elbows to the floor and sit up again with an exhalation.


5. The hands may be extended over the head or placed either sides of the thighs. When they are extended over the head, do not raise the houlderblades from the floor.


6. Beginners may keep the knees apart.


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