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Paryankasana | Yoga For Blood Pressure

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What Is Paryankasana ?

also knowns as Couch Pose. Paryanka means a bed, couch or sofa. This asana is a next step of Supta Virasana.In it the body shows symbol like a couch, hence the name. Paryanka provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Paryankasana Yoga

1. Sit in Virasana. (Step 1)

2. Exhale and recline on the back. (Step 2) Lift the neck and the chest and arching the back up rest only the crown of the head on the floor. (Step 3) No part of the trunk should be on the floor.

3. Bend the arms at the elbows. Hold with the right hand the left upper arm near the elbow and with the left hand the right upper arm near the elbow. Rest the folded arms on the floor behind the head. (Step 4)

4. keep in the posture for a minute with even and steady breathing.

5. Inhale, rest the trunk and neck on the floor, release the hands and sit up in Virasana. (Step 1)

6. Then stiff the legs one by one, lie flat on the back and relax.

Benefit Of Paryankasana Yoga

Paryankasana causes the extra pounds to burn away while the pressure in the abdominal area would result for a stronger abdomen. Paryankasana essentially good since the stretch paired with controlled breathing, causes the heart and the lungs to over draw and release the air and the blood thereby opening up any probable chance of blockages. Paryankasana also works towards making your heart a stronger one. Paryankasana is a good exercise for the people who suffer with erratic blood pressure rise or falls. Paryankasana is Yoga For Blood Pressure.

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