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Peaches are one of nature's best inventions. It is soft, juicy, sweet, smells divine, and tastes cooked or fresh, and the fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Peaches are a member of the rose family. It is grow in warm temperate regions. It is native to China. the Peach fruit may be white, yellow, or red depending on the different types of peach fruit. The fuzzy outer skin is edible.


Peaches are tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Peaches are stone fruit, similar to plums, apricots, cherries, and nectarines.


Nutritional value of peaches Fruits:


68- Calories.
2- grams Fiber.
1.3- grams of Protein


Peaches are also a moderate source of vitamins C, Vitamin A, and potassium.


Benefits of Peaches fruits:


There are the most important health benefits of Peaches fruits are help to Heart-healthy, improved digestion system, Reduce inflammation, Stronger immune system, Good for eyes vision, Good during pregnancy, and good eyes.


1. Help to heart-healthy:
A peach extract can help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. The peach is a source of potassium which is an important compound for controlling blood pressure.


2. Improved Digestion System:
Peaches have both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber which is help to improve the digestion system. A good fiber may keep the belly happy. Tea and extracts made from peach flowers are also beneficial to improve the digestion system in our body.


3. Decreased inflammation:
Peach plants are found in two agents polyphenols and prebiotics. It can reduce inflammation, it also helps to reduce chronic diseases, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's diseases.


4. Strong Immune System:
Peach fruit is full of antioxidants along with Vitamin C, polyphenols, and carotenoids. Antioxidant-rich diet can help protect the body against illnesses, aging, and cancer. Especially for women who intake two peaches a week has reduced the risk of a certain type of breast cancer. The peaches might strengthen the immune system in our body.


5. Good for eye vision:
Peaches are good sources of beta carotene. The fruit is found in a red-orange pigment. The body turns beta carotene into vitamin A, Vitamin is very beneficial for healthy vision and good for eye vision.


6. Good for Skin:
Peaches are rich in vitamin C. which is helpful for skin problems like aging, acne, wrinkles, UV damage, and dark circle. Vitamin C prevents and retains all problems and maintains skin problems.


7. Good during Pregnancy:
Peach fruit can help have a healthy pregnancy. It contains high dietary fiber, folate, vitamin C, and iron which is good during Pregnancy. Pregnant women should not intake peach fruits without advice from doctors.


Side effects of Peaches Fruits:


There are some minor side effects of Peaches fruits are

1. Peach is high in potassium. Intake of too much potassium can cause Hyperkalemia. The heart muscles develop an irregular heartbeat and cause nausea, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and fatigue.

2. Excess fiber can also be difficult to increase gastrointestinal problems in the body.

3. Allergy people should avoid peach fruit it may cause coughing, skin rash, and vomiting.

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