Salak | Relieves Heartburn and Fruits for Pregnant Women

Salak fruits are sweeter than honey. Salak is scientifically called Salacca Zalacca. this fruit is native to South Sumatra and Southwest. Salak fruit is also called edible-Fruited Salak Palm, Edible Salacca, Salak, Snake Fruit, Snake Palm, and Snake-Skinned Fruit. Salak Gula Pasir, Salak Bali, and Salak Yogyakarta are the most popular varieties of Salak fruit that are grown worldwide because of their delightful taste and wonderful appearance of the fruit.

Salak fruit is an evergreen fruit, very spiny, acaulescent, tillering, usually, dioecious palm growing in clumps formed by successive branching at the stem base. Male flowers are reddish, tubular corolla and 6 stamens borne on like the corolla throat and a tiny pistillode, Female flowers are the tubular corolla, Yellow-green outside, and dark red inside.


Nutrition Value of Salak:


Calories-368 mg 1%
Cholesterol-0 mg 0%
Sodium-0 mg 0%
Carbohydrates-0 g 0%
Protein-0.8 g 2%
Vitamin C -14%
Calcium- 3.8%
Vitamin B2 -0.2 mg
Iron -21.7%
Vitamin D -0%


Benefits of Salak Fruits:


There are the most important health benefits of Salak Fruits are,


1. Improve Memory:
Salak fruits have rich in potassium, beta-carotene and pectin, this fruit is able to increase blood flow to the brain that can boost cognition and improve your memory power. Salak fruit is also known as "memory Fruit". This fruit also helps in eliminating oxidative stress and lowering the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.


2. Boosts Energy:
Salak is able to increase stamina and metabolism levels that may help to boost to your energy levels. The carbohydrates gives good for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.


3. Weight Loss:
Salak Fruits are good sources of dietary fiber which is help to prevent unnecessary snacking and overeating. This fruit also improves digestive efficiency and eliminates constipation, bloating, and cramping.


4. Good for Heart Health:
Salak is highly rich in potassium which can help to lower your blood pressure. Potassium is a vasodilator. It can help to reduce the tension in blood vessels and arteries in the heart.. The cardiovascular system also lowers the strain on the heart.


5. Protect Eye Vision:
Salak is highly rich in Beta-carotene which provides antioxidant properties. That property helped to protect Eye Vision. Beta-carotene helps to lower your risk of macular degeneration and slow the progression of cataracts as you age.


6. Control Diabetes:
Salak fruits help to decrease blood glucose levels. Salak Fruit prepared vinegar help to treat diabetes. Salak fruit is the best for managing diabetes.


7. Relieves Heartburn:
Salak has traditionally been used as medicine for heartburn. Salak fruit is an important part of the diet for hundreds of years.


8. Healthy for Pregnant Women:
Salak fruits are very beneficial to pregnant women or their baby children. Intake of Salak is good for young pregnant women who suffer morning sickness. But do not consume too much salak. Pregnant women should add to their daily diet


Side Effects of Salak Fruits:


There are some minor side-effects of salak Fruits are,

1. Some people may have an allergic reaction after eating salak fruit.

2. After consuming Salak fruit cause swelling, or difficulty breathing should seek immediate medical attention.

3. Ulcer patients should avoid Salak fruits.

4. Salak has high fiber which is not good for thyroid disease. Thyroid patients should avoid salak fruit because it is dangerous for their health.

Nutrients of Salak, Portions of Salak and Salak Ingredients

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