Surinam Cherry | Produce RBC and Treats Cancer

Surinam cherry is also known as Pitanga, Brazilian cherry and cayenne cherry. Testwise it is similar with mango. This fruit is used in medicine to treat various ailments. Surinam fruit generally grows in French Guiana, Southern Brazil, Parts of Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, West Indies, etc


Nutritional value of Surinam Cherry:


Water-157.1 g
Energy-57 Kcal
Energy-239 kJ
Protein-1.38 g
Fat (lipid)-0.69 g
Ash-0.86 g
Carbohydrate-12.96 g


Health Benefits of Surinam Cherry:


There are the most important health benefits of Surinam Fruits are,


1. Heart Diseases:
Vitamin C helps to prevent the damage to blood vessels caused by free radicals. Surinam cherry is a good source of Vitamin C which helps to prevent heart problems and other cardiac issues.


2. Treats Cancer:
Surinam cherry is a high intake of vitamin C that helps to lower the chance of mouth, lungs, throat, vocal cords, rectum, colon, esophagus, and stomach cancer. Daily intake of Surinam cherry it helps to eliminate the cancer cells.


3. Good for Eye-vision:
Full of Vitamin C is help to protect eye vision. Vitamin C help to increase the supply of blood to the ocular areas. Surinam cherry is excellent to improve eye vision.


4. Fight against common cold:
Vitamin C helps to increase the immune power which prevents cough and colds seasonal. It helps to fight against infection. it also helps to counteract viruses. Surinam cherry is a powerhouse of vitamin C. daily consume Surinam cherry may help to fight against viral infection and cold.


5. Prevent Acne:
Vitamin A helps to reduce the excess sebum and reduces acne. Vitamin A strengthens the skin tissues, health, and skin vitality. It helps to maintain the mucus and skin tissues. It helps to eliminate the toxins from the body and cleanses the system with its antioxidant properties.


6. Immune Power:
Vitamin A increases the immune power to fight against infections by raising lymphocytic responses against antigens. It provides moisture to the mucus membranes, increase immune power, and promotes the actions of white blood cells. It helps to prevent the entering counteracts infections in the body. It gives double core protection.


7. Prevent Muscular Dystrophy:
Vitamin A helps to growth of muscles. Surinam berry is found in vitamin A and it helps maintain the bone's shape and health. It helps to prevent the development of muscular dystrophy.


8. Produce RBC:
Vitamin B2 helps to produce antibodies properties and red blood cells in the human body. It helps to increase oxygen levels and Blood circulation to the organs of the body. Surinam is the best food to produce the RBC in the body.


9. Good for Health:
High Minerals and antioxidant content in the Surinam berry help to healthy silky, and strong hair.


10. Reduce Joint Pain:
Suriname berry is high anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory helps to minimize joint pain effectively. Daily consumption in Suriname may mitigate joint pain.


Side Effects of Surinam Fruits:


There are some minor side effects of Surinam are,

1. Surinam fruit seeds are not consumed.

2. The bruised branches and leaves possess a spicy resinous fragrance which can lead to respiratory discomfort.

3. Allergic people should avoid Surinam Fruits.

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