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Tamarillo is also known as "Tree Tomato". It is native to South America. New Zealand is the highest production of Tamarillo. It's a sweet yet tangy taste. The red tamarillo is more popular rather than the yellow tamarillo. it is egg-shaped with yellow-orange flesh and black seed which is around by purple gelatin. It is used to make chutneys, compotes, and Salad. it is a powerhouse of lots of vitamins and minerals.


Nutritional Value of Tamarillo:


30 calories
8.25 g- carbohydrates
1.03 g- protein
1.03 g- fat
1 g- fiber
1,637 -Vitamin A (over 100 percent DV)
29.5 mg.- vitamin C (50 percent DV)
2.09 mg.- vitamin E (14 percent DV)
0.8 mg.- iron (8 percent DV)
321 mg.- potassium (7 percent DV)
10 mg.- calcium (1 percent DV)


Benefits of Tamarillo Fruits:


There are the most important health benefits of Tamarillo Fruits are,


1. Improve Digestion System:
Tamarillo contains good sources of dietary fiber that help to improve digestion function. Daily eating tamarillo can help bowel movement and increase the nutrient inside the body.


2. Relieve constipation:
Tamarillo helps to improve the digestion system and relieve uncomfortable feelings due to constipation. The highly rich fiber in tamarillo can increase bulk on the stomach and soften it.


3. Prevent Cancer:
Tamarillo high antioxidant level which can protect the body from developing all types of cancer. The total antioxidant in tamarillo is pigment athocyanins, poplyphenolic, flavonoid, and chlorogenic acid. Those antioxidants protect all body cells from any damage caused by a free radical infection that leads to DNA mutation. If DNA has been damaged increases the chance of cancer cell development in the body.


4. Control Diabetes:
Tamarillo is a high fiber that can stabilize the blood sugar level within the body and It is also a food with a low glycemic index that didn't cause the rise of blood sugar in the body. Tamarillo also contains chlorogenic acid which plays important role in delaying diabetes and increasing insulin sensitivity.


5. Good for Eye-vision:
Tamarillo is a good source of Vitamin A and Carotenoids. that contains to protect the eyes from any damage caused by external or internal factors. Vitamin A prevents the eye from developing cataract and prevent aging in the eye


6. Increase Metabolism:
Tamarillo is found in the Vitamin B complex that helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. Vitamin B complex is the various key metabolic enzyme that can improve energy production to provide the body cells with sufficient energy.


7. Control Blood Pressure:
The amount of potassium can help to maintain a normal heartbeat and blood pressure. Tamarillo is an excellent snake for hypertension patients.


8. Prevent Anemia:
Tamarillo powerhouse of Iron and can prevent the body from developing anemia because it is the main mineral that is part of the red blood cells. Iron is provide enough oxygen and nutrients to all of the body and reduces the body's weakness and also reduces health-related problems.


Side effects of Tamarillo:


There are some minor side effects of Tamarillo are,

1. People who are allergic to tomatoes should not consume tamarillo, it may cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

2. Pregnant women should avoid Tamarillo because it may react with certain medications.

3. Excessive consumption of tamarillo can be harmful to the Kidney due to the high level of potassium in it.

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