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Parvatasana | Yoga For Reduce Fat & Stiffness

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What Is Parvatasana ?

Parvata means a mountain. In this variation of Padmasana the arms are stretched over the head with the fingers interlocked. Parvatasana provided to you by YogaIQ

Step By Step Parvatasana Yoga

1. Sit in Padmasana. (Step 1)

2. intertwine the fingers, and stretch the hands up side over the head. hold the head curved ahead with the chin on the breast bone.

3. extend the arms up from the close to the floating ribs at the back and the shoulder-blades. The palms should be facing upwards. (Step 2)

4. Keep the posture for a minute or two with deep and even breathing. Change the crossing of the legs and the intertwine of the fingers and cycle the pose, keeping the back straight.

Benefit Of Parvatasana Yoga

Parvatasana relieves rheumatic pains and stiffness in the shoulders. It helps free movement and to develop the chest. The abdominal organs are drawn in and the chest expands fully. Parvatasana inactive waist zone, and helps reduce fatty and flabby abdomen. Parvatasana Corrects minor postural defects of the spine and straightens the muscles of the back. Parvatasana is Yoga For Fat and Stiffness.

Images for Parvatasana steps

  • Parvatasana step 1
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