Arugula | High in Chlorophyll content, Vitamin A and Mind Health

Arugula is a pepper. It is native to the Mediterranean region. It is called rucola, salad rocket, and Italian cress. this is the family member of Brassica or Cruciferous. Arugula is generally consumed in the Americas, Europe, and North Africa. Arugula is used in salads, sandwiches, and soups. Arugula is rich in a number of nutrients.


Nutrition value of Arugula:


Calories - 25 kcal
Carbohydrate - 3.7 g
Fiber - 1.6 g
Sugar - 2.1 g
Fat - 0.7 g
Protein - 2.6 g
Vitamin K1 - 136% RDA
Vitamin A - 47% RDA
Vitamin C - 25% RDA
Folate - 24% RDA
Calcium - 16% RDA


Benefits of Arugula:


There are the most important health benefits of Arugula are,

1. Rich in Antioxidants:
Arugula is a powerhouse of antioxidants and helps to grow a person's ORAC value, which is a way of measuring antioxidant capacities. Antioxidants function to maintain a healthy stability of enzymes and work with reactions. Antioxidants work to bolster your defenses against easy diseases such as the common cold and also complex diseases cancers, heart diseases, and premature aging.


2. Reduce weight Loss:
Arugula is an extraordinary meal without the addition of calories. Arugula is one of the best vegetables for weight reduction as it cuts down the calories and keeps the nutrients up which is help to reduce weight loss without any extra effort. Daily intake of arugula in your diet definitely may help to weight loss in a healthy manner.


3. Powerhouse of Vitamin A:
Arugula is a powerhouse of vitamin A which is help to prevent the eye and any other diseases. Also rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and Beta-Carotene to help the eyes healthy. Daily use of Arugula will preserve the effect of free radicals from the retina as beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant for the eyes.


4. High Antioxidant properties:
Antioxidants from meals are the best solution to the oxidative stress that free radicals cause. Natural antioxidant properties may help to eliminate the cancer cell in our body. Arugula has a chemical composition, which makes it a powerhouse of antioxidants, Maintain your body's cancers free by using arugula in salads.


5. Strengthen Bone:
Arugula is a powerhouse of Vitamin K. Vitamin K plays an important role in improving bone health and bone formation. As an excellent source of Vitamin K is an excellent source of preventative approaches to diseases. Arugula may be used to cure osteoporosis it may preventative step as well.


6. High in Chlorophyll content:
Arugula is rich in Chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll has also been made in powdered forms for soups, smoothies, or food in general. This content is extraordinary benefits clear of toxins and protected from free radicals. Arugula is a naturally available vegetable that has excessive chlorophyll content.


7. Good for Digestion:
Arugula has excellent sources of dietary fiber. Fiber is an important factor to help maintain the digestive system. It also helps to suffer from diarrhea because it will help bulk up the stool. Dietary fiber helps to maintain the intestine's healthy and helps to prevent a leaky gut. Arugula is excellent for improving the digestion system.


8. Excellent for Mind Health:
As arugula is a powerhouse of antioxidants, it is also unique because of the presence of carotenoids, which is necessary for the prevention of macular degeneration, stopping cataracts, and maintaining liver health. The Arugula to fight the impact of free radicals is unmatched and the mind stays healthy.


Side Effects of Arugula:


There are some minor side effects of Arugula are,

1. One side effect of Arugula includes flatulence and stomach cramping and discomfort because of only the presence of sulforaphane in the arugula.

2. It is also dangerous for humans with certain blood problems or people who take medicines for blood thinning.

3. Arugula carries nitrate and improper storage may result in bacteria converting the nitrite which is harmful to your health.

4. Vitamin K which can motivate blood clots when it counters and reacts with blood thinners.

Nutrients of Arugula, Portions of Arugula and Arugula Ingredients

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