Vrkasana | Reduce Headache Problem, Improve spine and back nerves

Vakrasana yoga is a Sanskrit name. Vakrasana yoga is the combination of two words, Vakra means "twisted" and Asana means "Pose". Vakrasana is simple form of "Ardha Matsyendrasana".

Vakrasana is a flexible yoga, it is performed like a twisted pose or seated twist yoga pose. It is also called as Half Spinal Twist Pose.

Vakrasana is very beneficial to tone spinal nerves and abdominal muscles and organs. it also helps to be beneficial for the liver, intestine, testis, kidney, ovary, pancreas, belly fat, diabetes, and stomach.

Benefits of Vakrasana Yoga:

1. Improve spine and back nerves:
Vakrasana is help to play an important role in beneficial spine and back nerves. Vakrasana step shelp to extend and compress our back and spine muscles and nerves. It is improve the condition of your back and spine muscles and nerves.

2. Good for Lungs:
Vakrasana helps body to squeeze out the stagnated and sluggish blood from the spinal region. and it helps to properly circulate the lungs and purify the heart. In a correct way, regular practice of Vakrasana may help to improve the health of the Lungs.

3. Reduce Headache Problem:
Vakrasana helps to circulate blood to the organs and require proper blood circulation rich in the body which helps to reduce headache problem. If anyone has face headache problems they have to perform Vakrasana on regularly.

4. Improve Digestion system:
Vakrasana helps to improve the digestion process in our body. It may help to twist and compress the digestive system and release more digestive juicier in the digestion process.

5. Prevent Urinary Problems:
Vakrasana may prevent urinary infections. Vakrasana helps to proper regular blood flow, enough nutrients, and proper oxygen to the urinary area. It is also beneficial to the back, arms, spine, abdomen, and shoulders.

6. Helps old age people:
Vakrasana helps old-age people to secure adjoining vertebrae to fuse together. It is a common issue after some age. Asana helps to treat neck problems, backache problems, and headache problems.

7. Increase flexibility and reduce stiffness:
Daily practice of Vakrasana, may help to increase flexibility and reduce stiffness in the body. Diabetes patients can help to control diabetes. It may also help to massage the abdominal organs including the pancreas.

8. Helps to treat Health Problems:
Vakrasana may help to reduce or prevent health problems like rheumatism, diabetes, and constipation. it should be performed as per instruction given by the master it will definitely improve a health problem.

Step by Step Vrikshasana yoga

1. Stand in Tadasana. (Step 1)

2. Curve the right leg at the knee joint and put the right heel at the root of the left thigh. Relax the foot on the left thigh, toes facing downwards.

3. Stabilize on the left leg, join the palms and Hold up the arms straight over the head. (Step 2)

4. Hold for a few seconds in the Posture breathing deeply. Then lower the arms and separate the palms, straighten the right leg and stand again in Tadasana.

5. Cycle the posture, standing on the right leg, putting the left heel at the root of the right thigh. Hold for the same period of time on both sides, come back to Tadasana (Step 1), and relax.

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