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Parsva Pindasana | Yoga For Flexible Body

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Parsva Pindasana

What Is Parsva Pindasana ?

also knowns as Side Embryo Pose In Shoulder Stand Pose. Parsva means the side or flank. In this Pindasana fluctuation of the earlier pose, both the angled knee joints are dragged alongside and put on the floor on the same side of the torso. This is the lateral embryo pose in Sarvangasana. Parsva Pindasana details provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Parsva Pindasana Yoga

1. After releasing the handclasp from Pindasana (Step 1) bring the hands back and place the palms at the back of the ribs. (Step 2)

2. Turn the hips sideways to the right, exhale and lower both knees to the floor. The left knee joint should be alongside of the right ear. (Step 3)

3. The left shoulder will be hold up the floor in the starting. force the shoulder against the floor and press the left hand tightly against the back. If this is not done, you will lose balance and roll over to one side.

4. Due to the lateral twist, breathing will be fast and difficult as the diaphragm is pressed in this position.

5. The knee near the ear will not rest on the floor to start with, but only after long practice.

6. Stay in this position for 20 to 30 seconds, with normal breathing.

7. breath out, step up from the right side and drag the crossed foot over to the left, so that the left leg will be near the left ear. (Step 4.) hold this posture here also for the same period of time.

8. Go back to Urdhva Padmasana. (Step 5.) Release the lotus pose by uncrossing the legs and return to Salamba Sarvangasana.

9. Now change the position of the crossed legs. Cross the foot again by situating the left leg over the right thigh first and then the right leg over the left thigh instead of the other way as done earlier.

10. Repeat the movements again on both the sides as described earlier.

Benefit Of Parsva Pindasana Yoga

The Devas represent health, harmony and peace.To destroy the tamasic qualities and the diseases due to them and to enjoy health and happiness, we have to make our spines strong as a thunderbolt like the spine of Dadhlcha. Parsva Pindasana also reduces side fat, make flexible body,Parsva Pindasana pose is Yoga For Flexible Body.

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