Anantasana | Yoga For hypertension and Reduces Belly Fat

Anantasana is a SANSKRIT name that means, Ananta means "Infinite", and Asana means "Pose". so it's the nickname of Lord Vishnu's Infinite pose. Anantasana is also known as Vishnu’s Couch Pose, Eternal One’s Pose, or Side-Reclining Leg Lift. This is the pose of balancing while stretching the legs in a reclining. Regular practice of this asana helps to a deep sense of relaxation in the body. If you add in your routine asana definitely it is beneficial for your body.


First, lie down straight on your back, and turn towards your left side. Your leg lifts up at a 90-degree angle. your left hand should be below your head to support your head. Now raise your right leg and try to grab the toes of your right leg with your Right-hand figure hold on in this position for 20 seconds or at your convenience. try to manage the balance. stretch the right leg towards the ceiling as you can while breathing in. It ensures that your right hands and leg are straight. Turn towards the opposite side and repeat the same sequence of steps.


Benefits of Anantasana Yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Anantasana yoga are,


1. Anantasana is the best yoga for toning abdominal organs. This pose helps to increase the strengthening of the core and tones these muscles and also reduces belly fat.

2. This pose helps to stretch inner organs and groin muscles and also hamstring muscles and strengthens shoulder muscles. so, this asana is the best exercise for those who have connected with sports and physical activities.

3. If you exercise continually with proper form, you will start seeing a difference in your hips and thighs. this pose helps to reduce fat properties in the body. and need to maintain a healthy diet for achieving good health.

4. Anantasana is very beneficial in relieving mental anxiety and stress. This pose also helps to reduce disorders related to the urinary bladder, uterus, prostate, testes, and ovaries.

5. This pose helps to strengthen the shoulders. it also helps to improve stretching and strengthening your upper back, spine, hips, and legs

6. Anantasana improves blood circulation to all organs in the body. It helps to body fit and fight against health diseases like diabetes or hypertension. and it also improves metabolism naturally. It helps to reduce digestive problems.

7. This pose helps to proper blood circulation in the heart and brain. Gujarati

This pose also helps the supply of oxygen and supply nutrients to the organs. Anantasana yoga helps to keep your mind and healthy activities.

8. Anantasana pose helps to reduce the pain during periods and menopause. All women should be continues practices to this pose to reduce their mental and physical problems.


Step by step Anantasana yoga:


1. Lie flat on the back.(Step 1) Exhale, turn to the left and rest the body, keeping the side in contact with the floor.


2. lift the head, extent the left forearm above the head in line with the body, curve the left hand joint , lift the forearm and put the head on the left palm which should be fixed above the ear. (Step 2) Stay in this posture for a few seconds with either normal or deep breaths.


3. curve the right leg joint and hold the right big toe with the right thumb and the fore and middle fingers. (Step 3)


4. breath out, stretch the right arm and leg up vertically together. (Step 4) Hold the pose from 15 to 20 seconds with normal breathing.


5. Exhale, bend the right knee and return to the position described in Step 2.


6. pared down the head from the left palm and turn over on the back. (Step 1).


7. redo the posture on the other side for the same period of time and then rest.

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