Marichyasana 3 Yoga | Helps to Prompt Brain Power and Intestines

Marichyasana 3 is a SANSKRIT word that means Marichi known as Ray of light, Asana is called Pose. This pose helps to use to kindle the inner light and wisdom in our body. This is also known as "Sage Twist Pose", "Marichi's Pose" and "One-Legged seated spinal Twist pose". Maharshi Marichi is the son of the lord Brahma and chief of Maruts. He is also known as the father of humanity and grandfather of Manu and one of the seven rishis.


Sit properly in Dandasana. bend your left knee and place the sole of your left side leg on the ground, close to the groin against the right leg. Breathe out and turn out the torso on the left side. reach your right hand outside of your left side thigh. Rotate your palm to face behind you. Your right side shoulder is outside of your left knee. Bend your right hand and bring your hand behind your back. and breath out and reach your left hand behind you. hold in this position several times and breathe in and relax the body. and change the same steps on another side.


Benefits of Marichyasana 3 Yoga:


There are the most important health benefits and mental benefits of Marichyasana Yoga are,

1. Marichyasana is help to massage the abdominal organ of the body.

2. This asana helps to stretch of shoulders.

3. This pose helps to prompt brain power.

4. Continued practices of Marichyasana help in improving back pain and hip pain in the body.

5. This pose helps to improve the strength and stretching power of the spine.

6. This asana helps to improve the liver and spleen.

7. This pose helps to increase kindle the inner light and wisdom in our body.

8. This asana helps to increase the flexibility of the spine.


Step by step Marichyasana 3 yoga:


1. stay on the floor with the feet extended straight in front. (Step 1)


2. curve the left knee joint, place the sole and heel of the left leg straight on the floor. The shin of the left leg should be perpendicular to the floor and the shin should touch the thigh. Place the left heel close to the perineum. The inner side of the left foot should touch the inner side of the outside curved right thigh.


3. With an exhalation, turn the spine about 90 degrees to the left, so that the chest goes beyond the bent left thigh and bring the right arm over the left thigh. (Step 2)


4. Put the right shoulder above the left knee joint and extend the right arm out ahead by turning the spine still more to the left and extending the region at the back of the right floating ribs. (Step 3) Take two breaths.


5. With breathing out, turn the right arm circulated to the left knee joint, stretch the right elbow joint and put the right wrist at the back of the waist. Breath in and stay in the posture.


6. Breath out deeply and turn the left arm from the shoulder behind the back. Either clutch the left hand behind the back with the right hand or vice versa. (Steps 303 and 304.) In the starting phase, one finds it difficult to twist the trunk sideways, but with practice, the armpit touches the bent knee. After one has turned the arm circulated the knee joints, one also finds it hard to hold the fingers of one hand with the other. Eventually one learns to clutch the fingers, then the palm and at last to hold the hand at the wrist behind the back.


7. The right arm should lock the left angled knee joint tightly. There should be no distance between the right armpit and the angled left knee joint.


8. After holding the hands at the back, turn the spine still more to the left by tugging at the clutched hands.


9. The whole of the outstretched right leg should remain straight and securely on the floor, but you will not be able to achieve this to start with. Stiff the muscles of the stretched thigh so that the knee-cap is hold up facing the thigh and also stiff the muscles of the shin of the outstretched foot. Then the foot will remain firm and stretched on the floor.


10. Hold this posture from half a minute to a minute with normal breathing. The neck may be turned either way to gaze at the toes of the stretched leg on the floor or to look over the shoulder.


11. Unclasp the hands at the back and turn the trunk back to its original position. Lower the angled foot and stretch it fully on the floor.


12. Then again do the posture on the other side. This time angle the right knee joint and put the right foot stiff on the floor so that the right heel touches the perineum and the inner side of the right leg touches the extended left thigh. Turn the torso about 90 degrees to the right so that the left armpit touches the bent right knee joint. With breathing out, twist the left arm round the right knee and bring the left hand to the back of the waist. Then throw the right arm behind the back from the shoulder and flexing the right elbow, bring the right hand to the left hand and clasp them. Turn still more to the right and gaze at either the toes of the outstretched left leg or over the right shoulder. Hold on this side also for the same period of time. Disengage the hands, turn the torso back to normal, extend the right leg on the floor and relax.

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