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Savasana | Yoga For Blood Pressure & Fatigue

Relaxing - Jul - 2019 2086 views

What Is Savasana ?

also known as Corpse Pose or Death Pose.Sava or Mrta means a corpse. In this asana the object is to imitate a corpse. Once life has gone, the body remains fixed and no gestures are possible. By remaining frozen for some time and keeping the mind static while you are fully conscious, you learn to rest. This conscious relaxation energize and refreshes both body and mind. But it is much harder to keep the mind than the body static and thoughtless. Therefore, this apparently easy pose is one of the most difficult to master. Savasana details provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Savasana Yoga

1. Lie fiat on the back full length like a corpse. Keep the hands a little away from the thighs, with the palms up.

2. Close the eyes. If possible place a black cloth folded four times over the eyes. Keep the heels together and the toes apart.

3. To start with breathe deeply. after the breath in and breath out should be fine and slow, with no jolting shifting to disturb the spine or the body.

4. focus on deep and fine breath outs, in which the nose holes do not feel the warmth of breath.

5. The lower jaw should hang loose and not be clenched. The tongue should not be disturbed, and even the pupils of the eyes should be kept completely passive.

6. Relax completely and breathe out slowly.

7. If the mind keeps being Distracted, pause without any pressure after each slow breath out.

8. hold this posture from 15 to 20 minutes.

9. One is just to fall asleep in the starting phase. moderately, when the tenseness become latent, one feels completely relaxed and refreshed.

Benefit Of Savasana Yoga

Savasana removes the fatigue caused by the other asanas and induces calmness of mind. Savasana is known as a great posture to soothing the mind, overcome stress and fat, overcomes blood pressure, overcomes headache, and improve sleep. Savasana is Yoga For Blood Pressure Fatigue.

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