Makarasana yoga | Helps to Treat Asthma and Lungs Related Issues

Makarasana is a SANSKRIT word that means, Makar, means "Crocodile", and asana means "Pose". This is also known as Crocodile Pose in English. This is a relaxation asana after practicing other high intense asanas. This asana is very beneficial to relaxing the body and mind. This asana should be performed at the end of yoga practices to relax the body. This asana performs in the early morning, which is beneficial for the stomach. it also opens the svadhisthana chakra. Makarasana helps to reduce back pain, especially lower back pain.


Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Fold your hands and bring the tip of the elbows on the floor with fingers facing upwards. bring your elbows shoulder distance to different sides. raise your shoulders and head up. ensure that your neck is straight and look ahead. turn your head a little forward inside and chin in your palms. Stretch out your legs with the help of toes facing outwards. feel your body touching the floor. slowly breathe in and breathe out and relax the body. stay in the asana for a few minutes and start again these practices.


Benefits of the Makarasana Yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Makarasana yoga are,

1. Makarasana helps to deep relaxation for your shoulders and spine


2. This pose helps to treat asthma and lung-related issues.

3. This pose release the body and mind from stress and anxiety.

4. Makarasana asana helps to treat hypertension, heart diseases, and mental disorders.

5. Makarasana helps to stretch the muscles of the chest, and neck, relieving fatigue and pain in these areas.

6. This pose helps to reduce backache at bay.

7. Makarasana helps to release all the tight knots in your body and makes it flexible.

8. Makarasana helps to get quality sleep and reduce stress levels.


Step by step Makarasana yoga:


1. Lie flat on the ground on the stomach, big toes and heels touching each other or


2. Raise the head and both the shoulders. Place both the palms on the back of your neck and set elbows straignt (step 1).


3. Close both the eyes and relax the whole mind and body. Feel both inhalation and exhalation deeply and get completely within yourself.


4. After a few moments, come back to the material world and become aware of the reality. Slowly release the posture.

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