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Chaturanga Dandasana | Yoga For Body Muscles

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Chaturanga Dandasana

What Is Chaturanga Dandasana ?

also known as Four-Limbed Staff Pose. Chatur means four. Ailga means a limb or a part thereof. Danda means a staff.The four parts supporting the body are the hands and feet. The pose is similar to dips in western gymnastics. Chaturanga Dandasana details provided to you by YogaIQ

Step By Step Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga

1 . sleep straight on the floor, face downwards.

2. Bend the elbows and place the palms by the side of the chest. Keep the feet about a foot apart.

3. With breathing out, hold up the whole body a few inches above the floor, stabilizing it on the hands and the toes. (Step 1) Keep the body tighten as a staff, parallel to the floor from head to heel and the knees taut. Stay for some time with normal breathing.

4. Then gradually stretch the whole body ahead so that the legs rest on the upper region of the toes on the floor. (Step 2)

5. hold this posture for about 30 seconds with normal or deep breathing. The cycle may be repeated several times. Then rest on the floor.

Benefit Of Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga

Chaturanga Dandasana strengthens the arms and the wrists develop mobility and power. It also contracts and tones the abdominal organs. Chaturanga Dandasana strengthens muscles of body. Chaturanga Dandasana is Yoga For Body Muscles.

Images for Chaturanga Dandasana steps

  • Chaturanga Dandasana step 1
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