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Viparita Chakrasana

What Is Viparita Chakrasana ?

also knowns as Upward Bow. This reverse somersault into the forward bending position is called Viparita Chakrasana, the reversed wheel pose. Viparita = reverse, contrary, opposite, inverted, chakra = wheel. Viparita Chakrasana pose details provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Viparita Chakrasana Yoga

1. Stand erect. angle ahead and put the palms on the floor. breath out and swing both legs up as though you were doing the full arm balance (Step 1), bend the knees, arch the back and drop the legs behind the head. (Step 2)

2. While the legs are coming down beyond and behind the head, contract the hips, extend the back up, stretch the ribs and abdomen and straighten the arms at the elbows. Unless you do this, you will sit on the floor with a bump.

3. When all this has been mastered, learn the reverse swinging movements of the leg as shown from steps 3 to 4, so that one swings the legs up and back in a reverse somersault movement.

4. If, however, no guru is available and you have confidence in yourself, you can try to achieve the reverse somersault movement in the following manner. Do Urdhva Dhanurasana near a wall so that the feet face the wall about a foot away from it. Swing the trunk with an exhalation towards the shoulders so that the weight of the body is borne on the wrists and shoulders. Then lift one leg from the floor and place the foot on the wall at the height of about two feet. Press and push against the wall with that foot, lift the other leg off the floor and with an exhalation swing the legs over the head, making a reverse somersault. After repeated attempts, you will gain confidence. You will learn to rock the body forward and backward and to swing the trunk towards the shoulders with a backward movement of the legs in the reverse somersault. When you are sure of taking the legs off the floor, then try Vipar'ita Chakrasana in the middle of the room away from the wall. This is how I learnt the reverse somersault movements in Viparita Chakrasana.

Benefit Of Viparita Chakrasana Yoga

This as ana is the beginning of the advanced and difficult back –bending poses. It tones the spine by stretching it fully and keeps the body alert and supple. The back feels strong and full of life. It strengthens the arms and wrists and has a very soothing effect on the head. Once Viparita Chakrasana is mastered, it can be repeated several times a day. It gives one great strength, stamina and a feeling of lightweight.

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