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Kapotasana | Yoga For Pelvic Region

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What Is Kapotasana ?

also known as Pigeon Pose. Kapota means a dove or a pigeon. I n this pose the chest expands and
puffs out like that of a pouter pigeon, hence the name. Kapotasana details provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Kapotasana Yoga

1. Sit in Virasana on a folded blanket. (Step 1)

2. Recline back on the blanket and do Supta Virasana. (Step 2.) Stretch the arms over the head, bend the elbows and place the palms near the ears, the fingers pointing to the shoulders. (Step 3)

3. Bear the weight on the palms and exhale. Stretch the arms and raise the whole body from the knees by stretching the thighs and then join the knees. (Step 4)

4. Contract the buttocks, stretch the entire spine, bend the elbows and hold the toes. (Step 505.) Then rest the elbows on the floor. (Step 5.) Breathing will be very fast and laboured as the diaphragm is fully contracted.

5. Take a few quick breaths, exhale, raise the pelvic region by tightening the muscles of the thighs. Gradually bring the hands near the heels and catch them by bringing the head towards the feet. Now place the crown of the head on the soles of the feet. (Step 6)

6. Stay in the pose for a few seconds. Gradually increase the time according to your capacity up to a minute.

7. Exhale, release the grip on the feet and lower the head and body until you are again in Supta Virasana. (Step 1.) Straighten the legs one by one and relax on the floor.

Benefit Of Kapotasana Yoga

Kapotasana tones up the entire spinal region as the blood is made to circulate well round the spinal column. Since the pelvic region is stretched, the genital organs keep healthy. The diaphragm is lifted up and this massages the heart gently and helps to strengthen it. The chest expands fully. It is essential to master Kapotasana before practising the more difficult back-bending poses, which cannot be done until you have perfected Kapotasana is Yoga For Pelvic Region.

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