Laghu Vajrasana | Decrease Urinary Problems, Open the Third eye Chakra

Laghu Vajrasana is a SANSKRIT word that means, Laghu means petty, tiny, and easy and Vajra means bombshell, the sword of Indra. This is also known as ''Thunderbolt Pose'' in English. This pose helps to improve the back, heart openers, and core. Laghu Vajrasana is yoga for abdominal muscles. this pose helps to fully extend the arch, the abdominal muscles, and the chest. Laghu Vajrasana is one of the easiest yoga poses with infinite benefits for the body and mind. Daily performing this asana decreases your physical and mental problems.


Lift your chest to lengthen your spine as you move back to the camel pose. Keep your hands to grasp your ankles. slowly drop your head back. Legs, drop your head back on the floor, and slowly lower the crown to the ground, coming into a backbend. Keep your hand straight and hold on to your ankles the whole time. to come out, join the core and push yourself back up to kneeling. relax before the next pose. and start again practices.


Benefits of Laghu Vajrasana:


There are the most important health benefits of Laghu Vajrasana are,

1. Laghu Vajrasana helps to increase the strength of the legs.

2. This pose helps to increase spinal flexibility.

3. Daily exercise of Laghu Vajrasana helps to open the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and heart chakra.

4. This pose helps to stretch the abdominal muscles.

5. This asana helps the strong digestive system.

6. This yoga helps to enough sleep at night.

7. Continued exercise of this pose helps to control the high blood pressure.

8. This pose helps to decrease urinary problems.


Step by step Laghu Vajrasana yoga:


1. Kneel on the floor with the knees and feet together. Rest the palms on the sides of the waist. (Step 1)


2. breath out, curve the spine back and at the same time stiffen the muscles of the thighs. (Step 2 and 3)


3. press the hips ahead and keep stretching the spine back until the crown of the head rests on the palms of legs. It requires great practice to achieve the necessary spinal elasticity. The weight of the body is borne only on the knees.


4. When the. above position is achieved, remove the hands from the waist, stretch the arms straight from the shoulders and grip each knee with the respective hand. (Step 4)


5. Due to the spine being stretched and the pressure against the abdomen, breathing will be fast and laboured. Try to hold the pose from 10 to 15 seconds while breathing normally.


6. Exhale, keep the knees firm, raise the head and trunk until you are kneeling again. Then sit on the floor and rest.

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