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Bhramari Prarnayama |Yoga For Insomnia & Blood Pressure

Meditative - Jul - 2019 1966 views
Bhramari Prarnayama

What Is Bhramari Prarnayama ?

Bhramari means a large black bee. In Bhramari, during exhalation, a soft humming sound like the murmuring of bees is made, hence the name. Bhramari Prarnayama details provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Bhramari Prarnayama Yoga

1. Sit in any comfortable position like Padmasana (Step 1), Siddhasana (Step 2) or Virasana (Step 3).

2. Keep the back erect and rigid. Lower the head to the trunk. Rest the chin in the notch between the collar-bones just above the breast-bone. (This is the Jalandhara Bandha.)

3. extend the arms out straight and relax the back of the wrists on the knee joints. Join the tips of the index fingers to the tips of the thumbs, keeping the other fingers stretched. (This posture of the hand shows knowledge. The index finger shows the individual soul and the thumb the Universal Soul. The union of the two shows knowledge.)

4. Close the eyes and look inwards. (Step 4)

5. Exhale completely.

6. Now the method of breathing begins.

7. Take a slow & steady breath through both nose hole. The part of the incoming air is felt on the roof of the palate and makes a similar sound to sa. This sound should be heard while breathing in.

8. Fill the brochis up to the brim. Care should be taken not to bloat the abdomen in the process of inhalation. (Observe this in all the types of Pranayama.) This filling up is called puraka (inhalation).

9. The entire abdominal part from the pubes up to the breast-bone should be pulled back towards the spine.

10. sway the breath for a second or two. This internal retention is called an tara kumbhaka.

11. breath out slowly and steadily, until the brochis are completely empty. As you begin to breath out, keep your grip on the abdomen and with a soft humming sound like the murmuring of bees is made. After two or three seconds of breathing out, relax the diaphragm eventually and slowly. While breathing out the part of the outgoing air should be felt on the roof of the palate. This breathing out is called rechaka.

12. Wait for a second before drawing a fresh breath. This waiting period is called bahya kumbhaka.

13. The process described from Step. 7 to step.12 completes one cycle of Bhramri Pranayama.

14. Continue the cycles for 5 to 10 minutes keeping the eyes closed throughout.

15. Lie on the floor in Savasana. (Step 5)

Benefit Of Bhramari Prarnayama Yoga

The humming sound in Bhramari Pranayama is helpful in cases of insomnia. Bhramari Pranayama gives instant relief from tension, anger and anxity. Bhramari Pranayama helps mitigate migrains, improves concentration and memory. Bhramari Pranayama builds confidence. Bhramari Pranayama benefits in reducing blood pressure. Bhramri Pranayama is Yoga For Insomnia and Blood Pressure

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