Parivrtta Parsvakonasana | Reduce Body Fat and Increase lung capacity

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Yoga: Parivrtta Parsvakonasana is also called Revolved Side Angle Pose. This is a SANSKRIT word Parivrtta means “to turn around” or “revolve,” Parsva means "side or flank," Kona means "angle," and asana means "posture". This asana performs twisting of the torso and also a balancing pose too. based on the difficulty level. It is considered an intermediate level of yoga asana. This pose helps in stretching and strengthening the legs, knees, ankle, groin, spine, and shoulders.


Benefits of Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Yoga:


There are the most health benefits of Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Yoga are,


1. Improve Digestion system:
This asana works excellent for the abdominal organs and prevents constipation and normal bowel movement. This pose is the best for bowel movements. It may regular your constipation problems.


2. Help to Rejuvenates and Energizes:
This pose maintains the blood flow and helps to reduce the toxins in the body and may help to detoxify the body. it is an excellent exercise for increasing Rejuvenates and Energizes.


3. Reduce Body Fat:
Practices this asana helps in reducing the weight around the hips and waist area. you correctly perform this Asana is the best for weight loss and reducing belly fat.


4. Increases flexibility and balance:
Parivrtta Parsvakonasan poses perform continues it makes the body flexible. It may strengthen the spine and make it supple. The posture provides extra balance and makes a strong grip on the body.


5. Improves Knees problem:
Revolved side angle pose increases the strength of the thighs and knees. correctly performing this asana is definitely helpful in improving & strengthen the thighs and knees.


6. Increase lung capacity:
This pose helps to improve lung capacity. if the lung improves automatically increases the oxygen in the body and helps to active brain system.


7. Fight against Sciatica:
Revolved side angle pose reduces the lower back pain. it is the best pose to prevent sciatica.


8. This pose helps to lower the body and tones the ankles, calves, groin, and quads.


Step by Step Parivrtta Parsvakonasana yoga:


1. Stand in Tadasana. (Step1)


2. Take a deep inhalation, and with a jump spread the legs apart sideways 4 to 4 feet. Raise the arms sideways in line with the shoulders, palms down. (Step 2)


3. Turn the right foot sideways 90 degrees to the right and the left foot 60 degrees to the right, holding the left leg extend out and stiff at the knee joint. Curve the right leg at the knee until the thigh and the shin form a right angle and the right thigh is parallel to the floor.


4. Breath out, and rotate the torso and the left leg so as to bring the left arm over the right knee joint. Rest the left armpit on the outer side of the right knee joint, and place the left palm on the floor by the outer side of the right foot. (Steps 3 and 4)


5. Give a good twirl to the spine (to the right), turn the torso and bring the right arm over the right ear (as in the illustrations) and look up at the extended right arm. Keep the left knee joint tight throughout.


6. Keep this pose from half a minute to a minute, breathing should be deep, steady and even. Breath in, and lift the left palm from the floor. Raise the trunk and come back to step 2, by straightening the right leg and raising the arms.


7. Continue with exhalation on the left side, as in steps 1 to 4, reversing all processes.


8. In all cases where the movements are done first on one side and then on the other the time taken should be the same in each case.This general rule applies here.

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