Parighasana | Increases your Body Lightens and Energizes.

Parighasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Parigha’ means '‘the bar used to close the gate’' and asana means ‘'pose’'. This is also known as ''Gate Pose Yoga'' in English. This pose helps to improve the digestive System, spinal and respiratory systems. Parighasana helps to provide an entrance way for the oxygen to enter our body and actually reach those parts required for the oxygen, we generally overlooked.


Stretch your right leg outward on your right side, and rotate your hip outwards in a way that your kneecap faces the roof. the leg should be parallel to the kneeling knee, and your kneeling knee must be right under the hip of the same leg. Breathe in and stretch your left hand over your head, same as your body is stretched. keep your hand close to your ear, during this your shoulder blade must be sturdily pressed opposing your back. Breathe out and turn to the right side and permit your right hand to reset on your ankle, foot, or thing. Now look up towards the roof or look forward and keep your neck long. continues in the pose and takes a deep breath. take rest and start again practices.


Benefits of Parighasana yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Parighasana are,

1. Parighasana is helpful to stretch adductor muscles, calves, and hamstrings.

2. Parighasana increases your body lightens and energizes.

3. This pose is beneficial for your lungs and abdomen organs.

4. Parighasana is also helpful in problems like allergies, cold flu, and infections.

5. Continued to perform Parighasana helps to open your shoulders and chest. help to strengthen the muscles in the torso.

6. Parighasana is useful to stretch the pelvic region of the body.

7. This asana helps to stimulate the functioning of abdominal organs.

8. Parighasana help to improve the flexibility of the spine.


Step by step Parighasana yoga:


1 . Kneel on the floor with the ankles together.


2. Stretch the right leg sideways to the right and keep it in line with the trunk and the left knee. turn the right foot by sideways to the right, keeping the right leg tighten at the knee.


3. Extend the arms sideways with an inhalation. (Step 1) Take two breaths.


4. Exhale, move the trunk and right arm down towards the extended right leg. (Step 2.) Rest the right forearm and wrist on the right shin and ankle respectively, the right palm facing up. The right ear will then rest on the right upper arm. Move the left arm over the head and touch the right palm with the left. The left ear will then touch the left upper arm. (Step 3)


5. Hold this posture from 30 to 6o seconds, breathing steadily.


6. Breath in and move the trunk and arms back to Step 3. angle the right leg and kneel on the floor, holding the ankles together again.


7. Repeat the posture on the other side, substituting right for left and vice versa. Stay in the pose on both the sides for some time.

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