Garudasana 1 yoga | Reduce Digestive Problems Like Constipation

Garudasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Garuda menas ''Eagle'' a bird name and asana mean ''Pose''. This is also known as ''Eagle Pose'' in English. The Garudasana pose is an asymmetric body position, that represents the same focus and strength. This pose helps to release the tension to experience the freedom of riding the wind for yourself.


Start with the Tadasana pose. bend your knees and lift your left leg up to cross it over the right one. it ensures that the right leg is on the floor and the left side thigh is over the right side thigh. Your left side leg should be pointing downwards. Keep your hands forwards while keeping them parallel to the floor. cross the right hand over the left side and bend your elbows so that your hands are now perpendicular to the floor. the back side of your hands is facing each other.


slowly turn the hands and the palms face near each other. pressing the palms together, stretch the fingers upwards. Keeping your gaze focused on one place, stay in this pose for a couple of breaths. slowly release the hands and hand keep to the side of your body. Upward your left side leg and place it back on the floor for the same as previous steps and slowly come back into tadasana. relax a few minutes and start practice again with another leg.


Benefits of Garudasana 1 yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of the Garudasana are,

1. This pose helps to stretch your hips, thighs, shoulder, and upper back thereby lifting any strain these areas may experience.

2. Continues practices of garudasana help to improve your balancing abilities.

3. Garudasana helps you strengthen your calves.

4. Garudasana is beneficial to sciatica and rheumatism problems.

5. Continued practices of garudasana help loosen legs and hips and increase body flexibility.

6. Garudasana helps to reduce digestive problems like constipation.

7. Long-time practices of this pose, prepare the body positively for stressful triggers and control emotions.

8. Garudasana exercise is beneficial for twisting and stretching your hands and legs. it improves blood circulation and prevents pains, cramps, and stiffness in the joints.


Step by step Garudasana 1 yoga:


1. Stand in Tadasana. (Step 1.) curve the right knee.


2. Take the left leg over the right thigh above the right knee and rest the back of the left thigh on the in front of the right thigh.


3. Then move the left foot behind the right calf so that the left shin touches the right calf and the left big toe crooks just above the inner side of the right ankle. The left leg is now entwined around the right leg.


4. You are balancing on the right leg only; this will take some time to learn.


5. Curve the elbow and raise the arms to the level of the chest. Rest the right elbow on the front of the left upper arm near the elbow joint. Then move the right hand back to the right and the left hand back to the left and join the palms. The left arm will now be twined around the right arm. (Step 2)


6. Stay in this posture for a few seconds, say about 15 to 20 with deep breathing in and out. Then loose the arms and legs and come back to Tadasana. (Step 1)


7. Repeat the pose, standing on the left leg and twined the right leg around the left leg and the right arm around the left arm. Stay for an equal length of time on both the sides.

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