Parsva Dhanurasana 4 | Activates the Sex Organs and Boosts Energy

Parsva Dhanurasana 4 is a SANSKRIT name that means Parsva means ''sideways'', Dhanu means ''Bow'', and asana means ''Pose''. This is also known as ''side bow pose'' or ''flank bow pose'' in English. This pose helps to stretch the spine and abdominal muscles. it is beneficial for the feet, ankles, chest, knees, and quadriceps.


Start with dhanurasana, breath out, roll over the right side and stretch the legs and chest. Breathe in and come to posture. then breathe out and roll over to the left side. Stay on either side for the same length of time according to your capacity with normal breathing. again come back to the dhanurasana pose, and relax the leg. In this posture, the ankles are inclined to slip from the handhold. therefore, grip the ankles more firmly. Relax few minutes and again start this practice.


Benefits of Parsva Dhanurasana 4 yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Parsva Dhanurasana 4 are,


1. Parsva Dhanurasana 4 helps to stretch the spine, neck, shoulders, chest, and abdomen. It also stretches the hand, and legs, and opens up the hips. it makes the body more flexible. and also makes stronger muscles.

2. Parsva Dhanurasana 4 helps to tons the body. The hand and leg muscles are engaged in the pose while maintaining the pose. It also connects with muscles and leaves them well-toned.

3. Parsva Dhanurasana 4 helps to improve the respiratory system. It helps to expand the lungs and cures any respiratory ailments like asthma. Regular practices of Parsva Dhanurasana 4 improve pulmonary functions.

4. This pose helps to improve digestive problems, This pose helps to massage and stimulate abdominal organs. It helps in getting rid of constipation, and gastrointestinal or digestive ailments.

5. This asana helps to stimulate the reproductive organs. the inner thighs and groin stretch the muscles. It improves the blood circulation in the area and activates the sex organs.

6. Parsva dhanurasana 4 helps a soothing effect on the nervous system. This asana helps in reducing fatigue and tension. Allows blood flow to the brain and this system helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

7. Parsva dhanurasana 4 helps activates Manipura chakra. This stimulates the solar plexus, which in turn boosts energy, confidence, and self-esteem.

8. This pose helps to reduce weight loss. at the time of asana stretching the abdominal area and it reducing extra body fat in the body.


Step by step Dhanurasana 4 yoga:


1. Remain full length on the floor on the stomach, face Downside.


2. Brath out and bend the knees. Extend the arms back and hold the left ankle with the left hand and the right ankle with the right hand. Take two breaths.


3. Now breath out completely and pull the legs up by raising the knees above the floor, and simultaneously lift the chest off the floor. The arms and hands act like a bow-string to tauten the body like a bent bow. (Step 2)


4. Lift up the head and pull it as far back as possible. The ribs or the pelvic bones should not touch on the floor. Only the abdomen drops the weight of the body on the floor.


5. While upbringing the legs do not combine them at the knees, for then the legs will not be lifted high enough. After the full extends upwards has been achieved, join together the thighs, the knees and the ankles.


6. Since the abdomen is extended, the breathing in and out will be fast, but do not worry about it. Hold the posture to your capacity from 20 seconds to one minute.


7. Then, with breathing out , release the ankles, stretch the legs straight, bring the head and the legs back to the floor and relax.

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