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Simhasana 1 | Yoga For Painful coccyx

Meditative - Aug - 2020 1355 views
Simhasana 1

What Is Simhasana 1 ?

Also known as Lion Pose. Simha means a lion. This asana is given to Narasirpha (Nara = man : Sirpha= lion), the Man-Lion Incarnation of Vigm. It is related that the demon king Hiranya Kasipu had obtained a boon from Brahma ensuring that he would not be killed in day or night, inside or outside of his house, on land or water, by God, man or beast. The demon king then persecuted both gods and men, including his pious son Prahlada, who was an ardent devotee of Vishnu. Prahlada was subjected to a variety of cruelties and ordeals, but by the favour of Vishnu he remained unscathed and preached with greater faith and vigour the omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of Lord Vishnu. In a fit of irritation Hiranya Kasipu asked his son why, if Vishnu was omnipresent, he could not see Him in the pillar of his palace hall. The demon king disdainfully kicked the pillar to convince his son of the foolish idea of his faith. When Prahlada called upon Vishnu for help, the Lord came out from the pillar in a fearful form, the top half being a lion and the lower half a man. It was then dimmed, when it was neither day nor night. The Lord uplifted Hiranya Kasipu in the air, seated Himself on the threshold, placed the demon king on His thigh and tore him to pieces. Narasirpha Avatar is often depicted in Indian sculpture and one such powerful group can be seen in the Ellora caves. Simhasana 1 details provided to you by YogaIQ.

Step By Step Simhasana 1 Yoga

1. Sit in Padmasana.

2. Stretch the arms in front and place the palms on the floor, fingers pointing forward.

3. Stand on the knees and then push the pelvic region to the floor.

4. Extend the back by contracting the buttocks, keeping the arms fully Spread. The weight of the body rests on the palms and knees only. Open the mouth and extend the tongue out towards the chin as far as you can. (Front view: Step 1. Side view: Step 2).

5. Gaze at the centre of the eyebrows or at the tip of the nose and keep the pose for about 30 seconds. Breathe through the mouth.

6. Sit in Padmasana and lift the hands off the floor. Then interchange the position of the legs, perform Padmasana again and repeat the pose for the same length of time.

Benefit Of Simhasana 1 Yoga

The pose cures foul breath and cleans the tongue. Everyday practice of  Simhasana makes speech  clearer so this asana is recommended to stammers. Simhasana helps keep the platysma firm as we age. Simhasana Relieves tension in the chest and face.

Images for Simhasana 1 steps

  • Simhasana 1 step 1
  • Simhasana 1 step 2