Simhasana 1 | Yoga For Painful coccyx and Improve Voice Quality

Simhasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Simha means a "Lion" and Asana means a "seat or pose". This is also called "Lion Pose" in English. This Mudra is mentioned in Hatha yoga and Modern yoga.


Start with the pose of Vajrayana or the thunderbolt pose. You have to kneel on the floor with your leg and your hips resting on them. Your soles should be facing upwards, keep your upper body, keep it straight but relaxed and put your hands on your thighs. Now spread your thighs a bit and slightly bend forward by placing the palms on the floor between the knee. Your fingers should be in front of your face, towards your body. Breathe in and take out your tongue.


Focus your Gaza on the centre of your eyebrows. then breathe out, roar like a lion, or just say "Haaaaa". it makes sure the sound comes out of your throat. Once you have breathed out, slowly breathe in and repeat roaring for breathing out. Repeat this process about 4 to 6 times.


Benefits of Simhasana 1 yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Simhasana 1 are,

1. This pose helps to relax throat and face muscles. This pose increases blood circulation and also alleviates stiffness.

2. Simhasana 1 helps to activate the fifth chakra that is located in the thyroid. This chakra is the superpower of creativity, communication, and expression. Continued performing Simhasana helps to boost your creativity and communication abilities.

3. Continued practices of the Simhasana pose help to improve vocal cords which means you get a deep and clear voice.

4. Lion Pose is beneficial for physical and spiritual advantages. If you are shy and self-conscious daily performing the Lion pose can help to reduce the shyness and encourage you to speak up. This asana helps to release emotions or any negative thoughts.

5. Simhasana pose helps to get a good stretch. your chest opens up as you bend forward and roar. This pose also improves body posture by stretching the spine.


Step by Step Simhasana 1 yoga:


1. Sit in Padmasana.


2. Stretch the arms in front and place the palms on the floor, fingers pointing forward.


3. Stand on the knees and then push the pelvic region to the floor.


4. Extend the back by contracting the buttocks, keeping the arms fully Spread. The weight of the body rests on the palms and knees only. Open the mouth and extend the tongue out towards the chin as far as you can. (Front view: Step 1. Side view: Step 2).


5. Gaze at the centre of the eyebrows or at the tip of the nose and keep the pose for about 30 seconds. Breathe through the mouth.


6. Sit in Padmasana and lift the hands off the floor. Then interchange the position of the legs, perform Padmasana again and repeat the pose for the same length of time.

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