Matsyasana yoga | helps to reduce respiratory problems and Thyroids

Matsyasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Matsya means "Fish" and Asana means "Pose". This pose is also called "Fish Pose". Fish pose is known as "Destroyer of all diseases" in the ancient Yogic words. This pose helps to restore spinal strength and overall body balance and to control emotions.

Matsyasana helps to encourage spine muscles, cervical muscles, thorax, rib cage, and lungs and relieves your fatigue instantly.


Sit in the lotus pose. take breathe in and breathe out. slowly bend backward and lie on the floor with Lotus Pose. Give full support to your body with your hands and elbows while bending backward side. Lift the chest a little upward. turn the crown of the head towards the floor. Make an arch of the back to the maximum comfort as per your convenience. with the help of the hand's fingers hold the leg big toes touch.


The entire body weight is supported by the legs, buttocks, and head. Breathe slowly. stay in the position as long as you are comfortable. then relax the position, bring down the back to the floor and straighten the head, and come back to sitting posture by placing the palms on the floor. and release the lotus posture. start again 2 to 3 times.


Benefits of Matsyasana yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Matsyasana are,

1. Matsyasana helps to reduce respiratory problems. It helps to prevent and control issues like asthma and bronchitis.

2. This pose helps to be beneficial for women's reproductive systems. and control the menstrual flow and manages menstrual pain.

3. Matsyasana pose helps to expand the chest, strengthen the spine, and improve your posture.

4. The fish pose helps to relieve stress. routine practices of this pose help anxiety feel calm and peaceful.

5. Matsyasana is beneficial for the muscles in the abs and thighs. This pose improves the blood circulation in the organ and keeps the spine flexible.

6. Matsyasana strengthens back muscles and the spine. to maintain proper posture, stabilizing the back is essential while performing this pose.

7. This pose helps detoxify the body by keeping the bowels system clean.

8. Matsyasana pose helps to stretch the abdominal and core muscles. this stretches gentle massage the internal organs, improves digestion and nd also helps to burn fat in the abdominal area.


Step by Step Matsyasana yoga:


1. Sit in Padmasana. (Step 1)


2. Stay flat on the back with the legs on the floor.


3. Breath out, arch the back by lifting the neck and the chest, take the head back and put the crown on the floor. Drag the head further back by holding the crossed legs with the hands and increase the back curve. (Step 2)


4. Now take the hands from the legs, bend the arms, hold the elbows with the hands and rest the forearms on the floor behind the head (Step 3)


5. Hold this posture from 30 to 6o seconds while breathing deeply.


6. Rest the back of the head on the floor, lie fiat on the back, inhale and then come up to Padmasana, loose the legs and relax.


7. Recross the legs the other way and repeat the posture for the same amount of time.


8. If Step 3 and Step 4 are difficult to achieve, lie fiat on the back with the arms stretched straight over the head. (Step 4)

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