Virabhadrasana 3 | Yoga For Posture and Relieve Back Pain

Virabhadrasana is a SANSKRIT word, that means Vir means Brave or warrior, Bhadra means Blessed or fortune, and Asana means Pose. This pose performs the balancing work of creating stillness in the mind, building up work focus, stability, and power that improves the body's mental strength as well as physical health.


This pose is the best for developing body balance and more about body positioning. This pose is prepared as per god shiva, the warrior Virbhadra was created by Lord Shiva, Symbolizing our inner ability to overcome ego and ignorance. It is also known as Warrior III.


Virabhadrasana III performs the take the mountain pose and takes a deep breath. right foot forward shifting all the body weight. take a deep breath in, raise your arms and open the fingers, and stretch your arms upwards to the ceiling. breathing outside and lift the leg up to the hip level. and hands will come down. stable them parallel to the floor. Left leg with the torso. keep the right leg firm and strong. The body will be represented in T-form. Hold this pose and breath for 2-3 minutes. and then relax the body.


Benefits of Virabhadrasana III Yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Virabhadrasana III Yoga,


1. It may help to reduce the excess fat in the body. because a lot of muscle engagement and turn burns calories. If you are performing while a long time it helps burn more calories.


2. This pose may help to improve the digestion system and eliminates bacteria. Deep breathing activities help to oxygenate the internal organs and improve their functions.


3. Warrior III is a great asana for strengthening the back muscles. This pose helps to improve posture and alignment. It is excellent work for strengthening the back.


4. This pose is excellent for stretch for the hips and legs. This pose opens up the hip joints and stretches out the hamstring, calf, and ankle muscles, and improves flexibility in the hips and legs.


5. Warrior III pose is require a lot of balance and coordination in the body. It is a great way to balance your body. It may help to increase strength in the ankles and hips. And it may help to coordinate with your body and mind.


6. This asana also called a multiplanar pose means it works on a variety of movements. It helps to coordinate and balances your body strength.


7. This pose requires many engagements from the core muscles. This helps to strengthen your muscles and improve stability and balance.


8. This Asana helps to improve breath focus and controlling breaths. Breath control helps to improve overall focus and concentration. And it helps to improve our lifestyle.


Step by step Virabhadrasana 3 yoga


1. Stand in Tadasana. (Step 1)


2. Take a deep inhalation and with a jump spread the legs apart sideways 4 to 4 feet. (Step 2)


3. Come to the final pose of Virabhadrasana 1 on the right side.(Step 3)


4. breath out, curve the torso forward and rest the chest on the right thigh. Keep the arms vertical and the palms together. (Step 4.) Relax in this posture, taking two breaths.


5. Now exhale and simultaneously lift the left leg from the floor by swinging the body slightly forward and also straighten the right leg, making it stiff as a poker. Turn the left leg inwards so that the front is parallel to the floor. (Step 5).


6. Keep this posture from 20 to 30 seconds, with deep and even breathing.


7. While stabilizing, the whole body (except the right leg) is to be kept parallel to the floor. The right leg, which should be fully extended and tight, should be kept perpendicular to the floor. Pull the back of the right thigh and extend the arms and the left leg as if two persons are pulling you from either end.


8. Exhale and come back to Virabhadrasana I . (Step 3)


9. Repeat the pose on the left side.

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