Kukkutasana yoga | Helps to Smooth Blood Flow in the Entire Body

Kukkutasana is a SANSKRIT word that means KuKKut means "Cock or rooster" and asana means "Pose". This is also known as "Cockerel Pose" or "Rooster Pose" in English. Kukkutasana is one of the advanced yoga poses. Kukkutasana relates to the Padmasana Group and arm balancing category. the most important benefit of this pose is increased willpower. This pose is excellent for the mind and the body. Kukkutasana has been a part of Kundalini and Tantra yoga in the ancient time period.


Start with sitting in Lotus Posture. Insert both hands in between your thighs and calves as near as to your knees. and palms on the floor. your all hand's fingers should point forward. lift your body on both hands. your arms are in a straight line. straighten your back and head. your eye in front of you. Keep this position for a suitable time period. Relax this position and come back to Lotus's posture and again start practice.


Benefits of Kukkutasana yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Kukkutasana are,

1. Kukkutasana helps to strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders and stretches the chest.

2. This pose helps to strengthen wrists, elbows, and abdominal muscles thus aiding digestion.

3. Continues practices of Kukkutasana develop a sense of balance and stability.

4. This pose helps to activate the Muladhara chakra.

5. This asana helps to contract and strengthens the perineum.

6. This pose helps to gently massage the digestive organ and resulting in effective digestion and assimilation.

7. Regular practices of Kukkutasana helps improves good sleep and may reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Regular practice of Kukkutasana help to smooth blood flow in the entire body. at the time performing pressure on the shoulders, wrists, ankles, and knee joints smooths blood flow in the body.


Step by Step Kukkutasana yoga:


1. Sit in Padmasana. (Step 1)


2. Insert the hands in the space between the thigh and muscular back part of the leg near the knees. Start with the fingers and gradually push the hands down up to the elbows.


3. Breath out, raise the body off the floor and balance on the palms keeping the thumbs together. Maintain the balance as long as you can with normal breathing in. (Step 2)


4. Rest on the floor, loosen the hands, change the crossing of the legs and repeat the pose.

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