Goraksasana yoga | Reduce Kidney Diseases and Relieves Sciatica

Goraksasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Goraksa means "cowherd" and Asana means "Pose". This is also called "cowherd Pose" in English. Goraksasana is one of the most popular and effective meditation asanas which is helping to physical as well as mental benefits.


Sit in Dandasana or Padmasana. Bend the knees. draw the leg towards the perineum. soles and heels together. hold the leg. Slowly raise the heels up and place the balls of the soles on the floor bending the toes slowly. The leg should be vertical and make sure the knees should touch the floor. Torso, neck, and head should be in one line making an upright seated pose. place the palms of the hands on the opposite side of the heels. close the eyes and focus on the tip of the nose. Breathe normally. Keep the focus in between the eyebrows.


Benefits of Goraksasana yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Goraksasana are,

1. Goraksasana is good for meditation and Tantra Yoga.

2. Continues practices of this asana helps to redirect the Apana upwards to the higher chakras that aid in Kundalini awakening.

3. This pose helps to increase the joints of the legs and lower back to become more flexible.

4. Goraksasana is good for the conservation of sexual energy.

5. This pose helps to reduce kidney diseases.

6. This pose is also beneficial for reducing problems during pregnancy.

7. Goraksasana prevents the development of Hernia and relieves sciatica.

8. This asana also helps to strengthen the muscles in the body.


Step by Step Goraksasana yoga:


1. Perform Padmasana (Step 1), extend the arms forward and place them on the floor.


2. Rest on the hands and raise the hips from the floor.


3. Extend the trunk up vertically and stand with the top part of the knees on the floor.


4. Extend the thighs and balance gradually by lifting the hands one by one from the floor.


5. When balance is secured, fold the hands in front of the chest and hold the position as long as you can. (Step 2)


6. Put the hands on the floor, sit down and release the legs.


7. Change the leg position and repeat the pose for the same length of time.

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