Baddha Padmasana | Yoga For Students and Relieve Arthritis

Padmasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Baddha means "Bound or Locked", Padma means “Lotus” and “Asana” means “Pose” This is also known as "Bound Lotus Pose or Locked Lotus Pose" in English. This pose is beneficial to increase mental stability, increase mind power, strengthen hands and thighs and also reduce abdominal fat.


Proper sit in Lotus pose. take your hands and cross them behind the back. reach out for big toes and hold the right side big toe with the left side hand and the left side big toe with the right side hand. Breathe normally. stay in this pose as long as you are comfortable. release the position. relax a few minutes and repeat the same steps.


Benefits of Baddha Padmasana yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Baddha Padmasana are,

1. Baddha Padmasana helps to increase the agility of your spine and improve the health of the spine. This yoga are help to treat sciatica and back pain.

2. This asana helps to increase your mental peace and improve the blood flow to the brain. Continued practice of this asana helps to increase your mental stability.

3. The various twist and turns in performing with baddha padmasana are beneficial for various body parts, especially the leg muscles. This asana is very beneficial to strengthen the leg muscles.

4. This asana regular practice may help to improve the flexibility of your body. This asana improved muscular flexibility and helps to prevent injury.

5. Regular practices of this asana may reduce joint problems like lower legs, knees, hips, elbows, back, wrists, and shoulders. it helps to reduce the chances of developing joint problems.

6. This pose helps to relieve arthritis in any joint of the body.

7. Baddha Padmasana stimulates internal organs which are required in the process of digestion. when you perform this asana, your digestive organs get massaged and overall digestion of food gets improved.

8. Continued practices of Baddha Padmasana are to reduce the belly fat in the abdominal area. and also it is the best for the reduce and controlling weight.


Step by Baddha Padmasana yoga:


1. Sit in Padmasana. (Step 1)


2. Breath out, swing the left arm back from the shoulders and bring the hand near the right hip. Catch the left big toe, hold the position and breath in.


3. Similarly, with an breath out, swing the right arm back from the shoulder, bring it near the left hip and catch the right big toe. (Front view : Step 2. Back view : step 3)


4. If the toes are difficult to catch extend the shoulders back, so that the shoulder-blades are brought near each other. A little practice in swinging the arms back with a breath out will enable one to grip the big toes.


5. If the right foot is placed first over the left thigh and then the left foot over the right thigh, catch the left big toe first and then the right big toe. If, on the other hand, the left foot is placed over the right thigh first and rhen the right foot over the left thigh, catch the right big toe first and then the left big toe. grip first the big toe of the foot which is uppermost.


6. Throw the head as back side as possible and take a few deep breaths.

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