Supta Vajrasana Yoga | Improve your Chest Area and Sexual Health

Supta Vajrasana is a SANSKRIT word that means Supta means "Relined or sleeping", Vajra means "Thunderbolt" and asana means "Pose". This pose is also known as "Reclined Thunderbolt Pose" or "Reclined Hero Pose" in English. and also known as "Supta Virasana". Supta Vajrasana is beneficial for improving the digestive system and stamina.


Proper sit in Vajrasana. bend back with the support of an elbow first and follow the other elbow next. the elbows should support the body. now bring back the head to the floor releasing the support of the elbows. slowly lie on your back. make sure your knees touch the floor. place the hands on the thighs. Breathe normally. Keep the pose as long as you are comfortable. Relax a few times and start repeating steps.


Benefits of Supta Vajrasana yoga:


There are the most important health benefits of Supta Vajrasana are,

1. Supta Vajrasana can effectively stretch multiple muscle groups in your body such as the chest, back, abdomen, and thigh muscles. and also helps to boost the body’s flexibility and tones the muscles.

2. This pose helps to improve your chest area. This pose helps to increase the oxygen flow into the respiratory system. This asana also boosts your cardiovascular health.

3. Continues practices of the Reclined Thunderbolt Pose also help in alleviating digestion-related issues such as constipation. It provides a gentle massage of the abdominal organs and improves blood circulation.

4. Regular practice of this asana, improves your body's alignment and corrects any bad posture that might happen due to a sedentary lifestyle.

5. Regular practices of this asana make your ankles, thighs, and hips stronger. due to an increase in blood flow and given better oxygen supply to the muscles. Reduce the chances of an injury on a strong lower body.

6. This pose performed for a long time focuses on deep breaths and relaxation, it can calm your mind and reduce anxiety and stress effectively. Regular practices of this asana also boost blood circulation in the brain which helps in calming the mind and releasing stress.

7. This yoga also improves sexual health by strengthening reproductive organs in both Males and Females.


Step by Supta Vajrasana yoga:


1. Sit in Padmasana. (Step 1) Then perform Baddha Padmasana. (Step 2)


2. Breath out, raise the knees and thighs off the floor and recline back on the floor. (Step 3.) Take two breaths.


3. Extend the neck back to rest the crown of the head on the floor, and curve the chest and trunk up.


4. Without releasing the grip on the toes throughout, exhale and lower the knees and thighs back to the floor. (Step 4.) Then the crown of the head, the elbows and crossed arms behind the back and the buttocks will be the only parts of the body touching. the floor.


5. Stay in the pose for a few seconds. Breath out, release the grips on the toes, uncross the hands at the back and sit up again in Padmasana. (Step 5.) Then straighten the legs and relax.


6. Change the leg position and repeat the pose.

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